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All you need to know the modern menstrual hygiene products: Menstrual cups and Menstrual discs

All you need to know the modern menstrual hygiene products: Menstrual cups and Menstrual discs

Menstrual cups and discs, both are used as menstrual hygiene products that are the best eco-friendly options available to manage your periods. You can buy menstrual cup and disc both easily but before that, there are some important points that need to be discussed that make the menstrual cups and discs differ from each other; some of them are shape, fit, and how they fit and create a seal.

Menstrual cups and Discs: Points of intersection

The menstrual cups and discs both are made up of 100 percent medical grade silicone which makes them absolutely safe for females. Some companies use medical-grade polymers to make discs that are also an FDA- approved products.

The discs as well as menstrual cups are biologically inert products which means they both are body-safe and do not host toxic bacteria or mess with your vaginal pH balance.

They both are flexible and can be easily folded and then inserted inside the vagina to collect the menstrual flow.

The rim of the menstrual cups and discs are flexible enough to get unfolded and sit firmly inside the vagina.

Both menstrual cups and discs collect the menstrual blood rather than absorb them, unlike tampons and pads.

The cup and disc both collect menstrual fluid worth 3-7 tampons which is equal to approx. 15-30 ml of menstrual blood.

The insertion of the menstrual cup and disc is done after folding them, so it is more or less the same in both products.

As far as the removal is concerned the menstrual cup and the discs are removed almost in a similar manner.

These products are sustainable compared to other menstrual hygiene products.

Menstrual cups and Discs: Points of Difference

The Design and shape

The design and shape of the menstrual cup and the disc are completely different. On one hand, the menstrual cup has a bell-shaped design and a small stem at the end, the disc looks like a bowl that looks flat. The menstrual cups are long and narrow while the discs are shallower and wider compared to cups. It is the shape of both products that change the working of both menstrual hygiene products.


When we talk about the usability of the menstrual cups and the discs the menstrual cups are reusable products that can be used again and again after sterilizing or cleaning them. On the other hand, the discs can be reusable or disposable as well which means that they can be disposed of after single use.


The menstrual cup once inserted is placed in the vaginal canal and thus, people with low cervix may find it difficult to wear a menstrual cup. On the other hand, a disc once inserted sits in the vaginal fornix, which is the widest part of the vagina and the base of the cervix thus, making it comfortable to wear for people with a low cervix. The discs feel more comfortable if compared to the menstrual cups due to the simple reason that the vaginal canal has more nerve endings.


The menstrual cup is inserted after creating a fold and is inserted and placed into the vaginal canal by using the fingers. You have more control over how far the menstrual cups can be placed. On the other hand, the discs are inserted in a long narrow shape by pinching them in half. You can easily push it down with your finger as far as possible into the vaginal fornix.

The seal

The menstrual cup when inserted pops open in the vaginal canal as soon as you twist the cup holding the stem. The menstrual cup creates suction against the wall of the vagina to create a tight seal that does not allow leakages and spills and also keeps the cup in place. To remove the menstrual cup, you need to break the seal and for that, you need to pinch the base of the cup. As soon as the seal is broken you can pull the cup out.

The disc is propped up in the vaginal fornix with the help of vaginal walls and pubic bone. The fornix being the widest part at the end of the vaginal canal easily holds the disc as it is much wider and shallow. The disc once placed down and far covers the cervix where pubic bone functions like a shelf. The menstrual disc can be easily removed by hooking the front rim using a clean finger as it does not create any seal, unlike menstrual cups. Gradually untuck the disk from behind the pubic bone and pull it out easily.


Menstrual cups are reusable menstrual hygiene products that do not create waste or very nominal waste as they can be used for 8-12 long hours in a day. They can be reused after sterilizing every month for years. They can be your best buddy for approximately 8-10 years. On the other hand, the discs can be reused and disposable as well. Compared to the menstrual cup the disc can create more waste but 60% less waste compared to other menstrual products like tampons and pads.

More travel-friendly

The discs are more travel-friendly as compared to the menstrual cups as they are mostly disposable or single-use products so you just need to use them for up to 12 hours and dispose of them after use. You do not have to worry about cleaning it while travelling. Menstrual cups, on the other hand, needs cleaning after use as they are reusable products so you need to carry water or cleaning products to clean them and reuse them.

With the increasing popularity of these menstrual hygiene products, the demand for them have really shot up in the market. So, both menstrual cups and discs are easily available in the marketplace and online portals. You can buy menstrual cups and discs from wherever you are comfortable and simplify your life with them.

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