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Why You Need to Use A Menstrual Cup?

Why You Need to Use A Menstrual Cup?

The world is changing at a fast pace and so are our preferences. We have become more alarmed and cautious when it comes to self-care and taking care of our needs. The female squad around the globe has changed their perspective when it comes to periods. Wit the increase in awareness about periods, not only the females in urban areas but in rural areas also has changed the way they used to treat their periods.

Long time back, girls and women used to use cloth as a menstrual hygiene product but that was not enough as it used to land them into a state of embarrassment very often due to the incapability to absorb period blood. With the passing of time came pads and tampons that solved the major issue and made females feel safer by absolving menstrual flow. But with this came other major problems like increase in pollution of air and water bodies, infections, rashes and itching, Cancer, Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) etc.

Now the whole world has found a big-time solution with the advent of menstrual cup and disc that are far better compared to other menstrual hygiene products like clothes, pads and tampons in many ways. A menstrual cup comes with its share of advantages that has increased the demand of this magical product among the female buyers. This tiny menstrual solution easily fits in the handbag and can be carried easily without any hassle.

Let’s have a look at the reasons that why you need to use a menstrual cup during your periods and ditch old-school products like tampons and pads.

Reasons to buy menstrual cup

They are eco-friendly

We have some responsibility towards our environment so that we can have access to good quality air and water that is the basis of our and the coming generation’s existence. Products like tampons and pads after use finally land in landfills polluting the water bodies and air and causing health hazards to millions of people around the world. On the other hand, the menstrual cups are a more sustainable option when it comes to keeping the environment safe. Firstly, it can be worn for long hours for up to 12 hours. Secondly, they can be used for even a decade following the instruction to keep them in good condition. Thirdly, they do not have plastic or any other harmful chemicals and dyes in it that can contaminate the air and water bodies. They do not get dumped as frequently as pads and tampons and do not have plastic or chemicals thus, causing very nominal waste.

They are pocket-friendly

A single unit of menstrual cup may sound expensive to some but if you will calculate the money you spend on a packet of panty liner, pads or tampons that cannot be reused you will realize that menstrual cups do not cause any damage to your saving plans. They can be washed and reused after every use and can be used for up to 8-10 years, making them really affordable compared to its contemporaries.

They do not cause spills and leakages

Menstrual cups are a great alternative to pads and tampons as they do not put you in embarrassing situations because of leakages it causes. The menstrual cup once inserted into the vagina create a strong seal through suction and get fixed to the walls of the vaginal canal. This is the reason that you do not experience spills and leakages even if you are performing daily activities.

They are absolutely safe

The menstrual cup is absolutely safe in terms of health as they are made up of 100 percent medical-grade silicone that is FDA approved. It does not have an iota of plastic, dyes or harmful chemicals that can disturb your health in any way. They do not cause itching, rashes or redness in your private part. Most importantly, they do not become the cause of fatal diseases like cancer unlike pads and tampons because of the absence of dyes, chemicals and plastic making them one of the safest menstrual hygiene products.

They provide more time

The menstrual cups are menstrual hygiene products that can be used for 10-12 hours depending upon your menstrual flow. The menstrual cup can hold more blood as compared to pads and tampons. They do not absorb periods blood and hold it in a bell-shaped cup. You do not have to worry about emptying it and cleaning it after every 4 -5 hours. On the contrary, the pads and tampons are advisable to get changed after every 5-6 hours as it can cause health hazard. The menstrual cups are used for up to 8-10 years f it is taken care of. So, you got to get more time in both the cases whether it is using it during your periods or over the years.

They do not have chemical, dyes and plastic

The menstrual cups do not contain plastic in it in any form. They do not have dyes and chemicals as well making them safe for the body and private parts. Because of the absence of these harmful ingredients, they do not cause allergic reactions, redness, itching or rashes in the private parts.

They can be reused

The menstrual cups can be reused unlike pads and tampons. As soon as they are full, you can empty it and then wash it with water and menstrual cup wash making it ready for reuse. Once you are through with your period you should clean it and then sterilize it at home or with the help of a sterilizer. After then just let it dry. Pack it in a soft cotton pouch till your next period and it is ready for reuse.

These menstrual hygiene products have become the favourite of the masses with so many advantages and thus you can buy menstrual cup online and from the market. It is advisable to switch to these eco-friendly and safe option to manage your periods and increase the awareness as much as you can.

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