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Buy Menstrual Cup Online

Buy menstrual cup online at Highly discounted prices at GynoCup is the safest menstrual cup made up of medical-grade silicone cup soft & flexible the shape is designed for the perfect fit in the vagina & reusable for 10 years and wearable for up to 12 hours. Available in three sizes Small Size, Medium Size, & Large Size you can choose any size menstrual cup according to the menstrual cup size guide. So, buy menstrual cup online with GynoCup today get free Period Cramp Relief Also, get 5% off on prepaid orders.

Why Choose GynoCup

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Why Should Buy Menstrual Cup Online

 Menstrual Cup Online

1. Save Your Time:

If you buy a menstrual cup online there is no denying the fact that time is money looking at today’s scenario and if you are saving time that is equivalent to saving money. This you can only achieve if you buy Menstrual Cup Online. You can browse through multiple online portals to get the best one for you and save time in terms of transportation whether going from your place to the market or moving from one market to another.

2. No Stress:

When you are shopping online it is really less stressful compared to going to the market physically as you do not have to deal with the crowd, standing in long queues for payments, and even your money or other valuables get stolen at such places. On the other hand, shopping online can be one from the comfort of your home.

3. A Large Variety To Explore:

While shopping online you are exposed to a large variety of the menstrual cup that you are searching for. There are many portals that are selling many options and thus there is no need to compromise. You can get many options as your pocket allows. The specifications and reviews of the product make it easy for you to select the best option.

4. Avail More Discounts:

Another very important reason that can attract anyone to buy menstrual cups online is that you can avail a lot of discounts and bonuses while shopping online. In lieu of attracting a large number of customers, the online portals come with attractive offers, coupons, and discounts that can make the purchase of menstrual cups much more affordable when compared to offline shopping.

5. Easier To Return or Cancel The Order:

When it comes to returning the things you purchased from the market it becomes a very stressful task as most of the time the seller does not take it back but it is not the case with online purchases. If you Buy Menstrual Cup Online and you receive damaged packaging or the product is not up to the mark then you can easily return, replace or cancel the order as per the guidelines that are in the written form online so that no dispute occurs afterward.

6. Online Shopping is a Very Personal Affair:

When you purchase a hygiene product like a menstrual cup there are a lot of social stigmas attached to it. You might feel uncomfortable when you buy Menstrual Cup from the market but if you buy Menstrual Cup Online it becomes a very personal affair. You can order it from your home office or anywhere else with the help of just a few clicks and it is safely delivered to your place. Your privacy is kept intact in this manner.

7. Can Be Delivered To Distant Places:

It might be a possibility that the place where you live is where a menstrual cup is not available easily, is disconnected from the market, or is too far from it. In that case, the online purchase makes it all possible for you. In this fast-paced world, you should not be left behind by using a hygiene product that protects you.

How To Order a Menstrual Cup Online?

To order Menstrual Cup online you need to go the right way. With the ample options available online, it becomes baffling for a person to choose the menstrual cup that suits and fulfills one’s need. But after considering all the factors that go best with your requirement the process becomes easy and relaxed.

Order a Menstrual Cup Online

  • Browse through different websites:
    It’s very important to go step by step and move ahead. So we should first start by browsing the safest menstrual cup through different sites. While browsing through these sites we should go through the features of the product, review its ratings, and go through the comments that users have posted. It will give us a brief idea about the menstrual cups to pick the best one for you.
  • Compare the price:
    After picking up the best options that fulfill your requirements it is very important to compare the price as it is an important factor to consider while making a purchase. You may get the same product at less price or with lucrative offers from other sites. This can be the deciding factor and may end up your search journey. Thus, it becomes really important to give yourself the last push before you order Menstrual Cup online.
  • Add to bag/cart:
    After deciding on the product, add the preferred item in the bag/cart and choose the quantity you want to order. Then move ahead to proceed with the payment.
  • Choose The Mode of Payment:
    The final destination is to choose the payment mode. You can choose cash on delivery, pay by debit or credit card, UPI, Wallets, or use your net banking option. Fill in the details and pay for the preferred item.
  • You will get the delivery of the products within the time limit mentioned on the website and the best part is that you can return, replace or cancel the order as per the policy of the website from where you have made the purchase. You can order
  • Menstrual Cup online easily without getting into any hassles from the comfort of your home.
    So, here is the safest menstrual cup complete description thank you for giving your valuable time. keep safe and happy in period with GynoCup. Also, Check our Period Care Combos at a heavy discount click here.

Gynocup Safest Menstrual Cup

GynoCup is thesafest menstrual cup and innovative product for making your period days go easy. It is made with medical-grade silicone that offers the additional advantage of leak-proof protection for up to 12 hours. You can do whatever you feel like without getting tense about the usage of the menstrual cup.

Gynocup Safest Menstrual Cup

  1. It gives you the freedom to perform any activity be it traveling, cooking, or even swimming clubbed with participating in sports. This reusable menstrual cup is soft, very comfortable to wear and easy to use, odorless, and very economical with all the above advantages.
  2. A GynoCup safest menstrual cup is inserted inside the vagina and the menstrual blood is collected in the cup instead of absorbing it. It also maintains the natural pH level of the vagina and does not let it dry.
  3. GynoCup safest menstrual cup maintains hygiene and does not let you fall prey to rashes, uneasiness, wetness and a hefty cost as the menstrual cup price makes it very economical. It is highly recommended by doctors across the globe as it is safer than pads and tampons.
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  5. The best part of it is that it’s very easy to clean when you clean it with GynoCup Wash Liquid. Only 5 to 6 drops of liquid can make your cup bacteria-free and ready to use for the next round of tough days.
  6. GynoCup Safest Menstrual cups are the new revolution in the world of hygiene products when it comes to your periods. The Menstrual cup comes with a multitude of benefits and with all the benefits it is made it is really not possible for anyone to say no to it. But when you are buying it online it has its own perks. So here we come with all the possible benefits that will put a big smile on your face if you buy Safest Menstrual Cup Online.

How To Choose the Right Menstrual Cup Size?

Before buying a menstrual cup online the most important question that pops up in everyone’s mind is How To choose the Right Menstrual Cup Size? The menstrual cups come in different sizes and shapes and there are some important factors that need your consideration before you get one for yourself.

Choose The Right Menstrual Cup is a tough job but it can be made easy by answering some simple questions to yourself so there is nothing to feel panic about and make you the decision in haste. The menstrual cups come in small, medium, and large sizes.

Small Size:

Small Size

It comes with a diameter of 38mm, a length of 41.3mm, and stem size is 17.2 mm. The capacity to hold menstrual blood is 15 ml and the girls who experience light flow can go for it. It is generally recommended for teens or girls who are under 25 years of age. Another important factor to consider is your physique. If you have a fragile and petite physique and you have not given birth to a child then you can go for the small size menstrual cup.

Medium Size

Medium Size

It comes with a diameter of 41mm, a length of 49.35mm, and stem size is 23mm. The capacity to hold menstrual blood is 20ml and the girls who experience light to normal flow can go for it. It is good for women who are between 25 to 30 years of age. If you have given birth to a child then you can go for the menstrual cup medium size as it will be appropriate for you according to your age and considering other factors.

Large Size

Large Size

It comes with a diameter of 45mm, a length of 54.19mm, and stem size is 17.31mm. The capacity to hold menstrual blood is 30 ml and the girls who experience normal to heavy flow need a cup with a large capacity and should go for it. If we look at the age factor then it is recommended for women who have crossed 30 years of age and have given birth to a child. The menstrual cup large size ones are the best for you.

This will surely guide you on how to choose the right menstrual cup size for you. All the things mentioned above should be on your priority list while searching for the right cup for you. If you fulfill the above criteria then you can surely have the right size for you.

How To Choose The Right Menstrual Cup?

There are certain points that can be the deciding factor for the question of how to choose the right menstrual cup. This is something that pops up in everyone’s mind if you are a first-time user. You should check these points before buying a menstrual cup.



The material of the safest menstrual cup should be such that it does not cause any allergy, infection, or rashes. As it is inserted in the most sensitive part of the body during the days when a girl feels most vulnerable, it’s made sure that these cups are made of medical-grade silicone and not plastic, rubber, or any other toxic material that can later be the cause of any health-related issue or skin related problem. An important factor to decide the menstrual cup price.


Right Size

The right Dimension plays a very crucial part when it comes to menstrual cups and answering your question of how to choose the right menstrual cup. A cup with a length too long or short is not at all comfortable. It should be of the size that fits in properly and can easily be taken out. If it is too long it may stick out while a smaller one may settle inconveniently in the vagina. If it fits in properly then it is the most comfortable thing on your most uncomfortable days.


Choose The Right Size

The Menstrual cup comes in three different sizes. Small, medium, and large. Small size cups are for those who fall in the category of teens & girls less than 25 years of age. The medium size is for women who fall between the age group of 25 and 30 years or have a mother to a child. Large is for women who have crossed the age of 30 years or have given birth to a child. Apart from that, you can also buy it according to your personal preference, convenience, and physique.



The rim of a Menstrual cup needs to be smooth so the smoother it is the easier will be the insertion of the cup and thus, you will feel more comfortable. An important feature to give consideration to.



The stem of a Menstrual cup is another important part of this hygiene product. The stem should not be too long or short but big enough to hold it easily. If it’s hollow then there may be chances that the blood gets filled here and it becomes inconvenient to clean it but if it is solid then it does not give any space for the blood to get collected and bacteria to grow.



When it comes to color most menstrual cups come in a light color or are usually colorless. But, in any case, it is FDA approved and the colors are generally non-toxic.

The menstrual cup price majorly depends upon the above-given features. They play a pivotal role in making the menstrual cup the best among its competitors in the market and thus the price may vary accordingly. On the other hand, it also solves the biggest mystery of how to choose the right menstrual cup.

What Things do T0 Keep in Mind Before Buying The Menstrual Cup?

If you are a first-time user and making your first purchase then you have to keep certain things in mind before you buy Menstrual Cup online. When you get to understand your product completely then it is just a matter of a few clicks to purchase it.

If you buy Menstrual Cup for your most tough days then you need not worry at all. The menstrual cups are not made of plastic or any such harmful material rather it is made with medical-grade silicone. The silicone menstrual cups just need a little care to keep them going for a longer time. Wash it and sterilize it after each use and nothing to worry about your health or the health of your environment.



It may take time for you to get adjusted to Menstrual cups. After using it 2-3 times you get used to it and it is not even felt. Unlike pads, they are not at all sticky as they hold the period flow and do not absorb it. One can comfortably carry on with their house chores and other activities like swimming, playing, running, etc. with it. The best part is that you will never have rashes with it. What more do you need?



It is one of the most convenient innovations in the field of hygiene products. They can be used for as long as ten long years. They are easy to carry as do not occupy much space like bulky packets of pads and are easily washable. Once you buy Menstrual Cup Online you are good to go.



When it comes to your health it is the safest hygiene product as it is made up of medical-grade silicone and is absolutely non-toxic and non-allergic. Thus, it rules out any chances of infections and allergies. Silicones are chemically inactive and are smooth thus there is absolutely no chance to have an encounter with rashes, allergies, infection, or any other skin-related issues.

It maintains vaginal infection and does not cause any inconvenience during the menstrual cycle. There are no health hazards associated with it. As they can be easily sterilized, thus it remains absolutely clean and safe to use.



There is no question when it comes to maintaining hygiene as they can be sterilized after use and it is for this reason that you cannot catch infections, it is absolutely odor-free and also free of bacterial infection.

Easy on pocket:

Easy on pocket

They are much more affordable and economic when it comes to spending money. There are a variety of menstrual cups available that ranges from 400-3000 rupees based on the quality of silicone. But once you buy it you don’t need to buy anything else for another 5-10 years. If it is maintained and kept properly they are much more affordable than any other hygiene product.



Menstrual cups are eco-friendly products as when they are manufactured the process causes less harm to the environment compared to the other products. Moreover, they can be reused for as long as 10 years and thus they do not contribute to the waste and can be easily recycled. Thus, when you buy Menstrual Cup Online you can relax and breathe while you are doing your bit to save the environment.

How Much Can a Menstrual Cup Price in India?

Menstrual cups come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. With the growing knowledge about this revolutionary menstrual hygiene product, its manufacturing has also been taken over by many companies and now it is launched by various brands. The growing popularity of menstrual cups has started a competition among its manufacturers and all are trying to come up with a better version of it to attract female buyers.

As it is made with medical-grade silicone, the manufacturers are using the best of its quality to make it better than before. The better the quality of the silicone the more will be Menstrual Cup. To come to the answer you can get a good menstrual cup in the range of 400 rupees to 3000 rupees. And believe me, it is still affordable compared to other menstrual hygiene products as it can be used for a period of 5-10 years if taken care of properly.

You can find a lot of variation in the Menstrual Cup across the brands and the main reason behind it is the quality of silicone used in it. The price may also vary because of the ribs and the stem it offers. we hope you understand everything about why should buy menstrual cups online.

Also, you can know about: how to use a menstrual cup,how to clean a menstrual cup, and what the menstrual cup is will help more understand the safest menstrual cup. So, buy menstrual cups online with GynoCup

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