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How to Use a Menstrual Cup and How It Works; All you Need to Know About the Revolutionary Product.

How to Use a Menstrual Cup and How It Works; All you Need to Know About the Revolutionary Product.

Menstrual cups are the product that suits the needs of millennial women and keeps them away from the pressure of their period days. A great menstrual hygiene product that keeps you safe and secure and away from all the pressure that comes with periods. You do not need to shift your priorities or change your daily routine due to your periods if you are using a menstrual cup. With a plethora of advantages, it has become the most sought-after product for females around the globe and in India as well. Slowly and steadily, it has gained popularity in the Indian market as well and from the current scenario, it looks like it is going to continue in the coming times.  With all its pros it is sure to swipe away other menstrual hygiene products soon. Just buy menstrual cup online and feel the difference yourself.

Use it without any preconceived notions as different people have different viewpoints about a particular product. Once you start with it you will be able to understand how to use menstrual cup. Once you get the hook of it, it will become an easy job.

But to make things clearer let’s discuss things to keep in mind when using a menstrual cup.

How to use menstrual cup?

We will guide you through some simple steps that you need to follow when using a menstrual cup.

Wash Hands

Washing your hands is the first step when you are using a menstrual cup as we all know that we cannot take any chance of the menstrual cup getting dirty in any way as it is worn inside our body that can really prove to be harmful if not taken care of.

Fold the cup

Folding the cup is the next important step because with the right fold the insertion of the menstrual cup becomes easier. There are many ways in which the cup can be folded but the easiest is the C-fold. Once you are done with it, apply lube to it to make the insertion easy. Now, it is time to insert it inside your vagina. You can choose any comfortable position like squatting, standing or sitting to insert the cup. Hold the folded cup in one hand and use the other hand to art the labia to insert the cup.

Let it open

Once you are through with the process of insertion just let the menstrual cup pop open inside your vagina. You can push the cup a little bit inside the vagina so that the stem of the cup is no longer visible. As soon as it will get opened it will stick to the walls of the vagina creating a strong suction.

Rotate the cup

To check whether the cup sits comfortably and has created a seal to avoid any leakages or spills just rotate the cup a little bit. You can simply hold the cup from the base and rotate it once.

You are done!

Once all the steps are taken you are done with the process. Now you can wear the menstrual cup for up to 12 hours as per your flow. you may have to do some attempts to understand it but once you get a hold of it, you can never feel uncomfortable with it.

Using a menstrual cup is not the only important thing that needs your attention, but apart from that, it is also important to keep it in a certain way so that it remains in good shape and in good condition for years. To achieve that feat, you should know how to clean menstrual cup as it is a reusable menstrual hygiene product so keeping them safely also become part of our job.

How to remove the cup?

Removing the cup is as simple as insertion. Cleaning your hand at every step is very important. Now, using your index finger and thumb pull the stem of the cup as gently as you can. To release the seal, pinch the base of the cup. Take it out and empty the content in the toilet and wash it with clean water.

How to clean menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a reusable menstrual hygiene product that can be used for 10-12 years and so there are some guidelines that we should follow to keep it in good condition and also to keep us safe.

Clean your hands

Whether you are using it for the first time or using it repeatedly it should not be touched without cleaning the hand. Our hands contain germs, bacteria and viruses and so we should avoid touching the menstrual cup with unclean hands as it can enter our body through the private parts once it is inserted.

Clean it, Wash it

Now it is time to clean and wash the menstrual cup. You can use a menstrual cup wash to clean the cup before inserting it. Try not to clean it with soap or any other cleansing product as it can disturb the pH balance of the vagina.

If you want to sterilize the cup then you can do it at home. Take a vessel and fill it with enough water to immerse the cup completely.  Avoid getting it to touch the base of the vessel. Boil the menstrual cup for 4-5 minutes. Once it is done again wash your hand to take it out.

Let it cool!

Clean your hand and take it out of the vessel. Keep it in a clean place and let it cool down. Once it is cool it is good to use again.

Using a menstrual cup can save you from unwanted infections, help you save a lot of money as you do not need to buy it again and again, save the environment from getting polluted, carry on with your daily routine and lead a hassle-free life. To have all these you just have to buy menstrual cup online and leave your period woes aside.

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