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How To Clean Menstrual Cup And Sterilize

You must be asking yourself, how to clean the menstrual cup and that is a big question for those who are first-time users but the answer to it is very simple. Menstrual cups are hygiene products that need proper cleaning that we all understand as they are used in a very sensitive place of the body. If you want to use it for a longer time, then it is essential to take proper care of it. As it is made up of medical-grade silicone it is becoming even more important to take care of it.

As it can be used for 12 hours at a stretch during your periods except if you are experiencing heavy flows. This means that you need to clean it only twice a day. Still, if you want to clean it in between you only need warm water to rinse it. You can use it with a gentle soap or with a Menstrual Cup Wash. Let’s come straight to the question: How to clean menstrual cup and sterilize?

How To Sterilize Menstrual Cup

Here we will know how to sterilize menstrual cup Sterilizing your menstrual cup is not a tough task and is recommended by most gynecologists. It becomes even more important, especially before the first use.

How To Sterilize Menstrual Cup

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If you want your cup to be fully sterilized before or after each cycle you can safely do so as is recommended by most brands. You can take a utensil that can fully submerge the cup but does not touch the bottom of the utensil. Boil your period cup in it for 2-4 minutes. There is an important thing to consider that frequent boiling may soften the silicone over a long period of time. So this is the way how to sterilize menstrual cups.

Best Way To Clean a Menstrual Cup

Use A Menstrual Cup Cleanser

An important thing that needs our due attention is which cleansers can we use on our menstrual cups? If you do not want to feel irritated in your private parts after inserting a menstrual cup, then avoid using soaps that have oils or dark fragrances. So it is better to go for a Menstrual Cup Wash that maintains the pH balance of your vagina and is free from chemicals like dyes or heavy fragrances. It acts gently on your cup and is the easiest and the best way to clean a menstrual cup.

Cleaning The Cup in Public/Traveling

If you are having periods as you are using a menstrual cup, then it might come to your mind how to clean my menstrual cup when I am out. There is nothing to panic about as you can carry Menstrual Cup Cleaning Wipes in your bag and your purpose would be solved. In case you do not have wipes then after emptying the cup in the restroom’s toilet you can take the toilet paper and wipe it and reuse it. But do not forget to rinse it with water after you reach home.

A PH Balanced Soap

A PH Balanced Soap

If you want to keep things simpler and stick to the option of soap, then it is always better to use a pH-balanced soap that is gentle on your vagina. A mild, fragrance-free soap can solve your purpose. If you still want to conduct a pretest before using the soap, then it is very easy these days as you can conduct it at home using litmus paper. The pH balance should fall between 5.5 and 7.0. if not, then avoid using it.

A Vinegar Solution Can Be of Great Help

A Vinegar Solution Can Be of Great Help

A diluted vinegar solution can really serve your purpose of cleaning your menstrual cup. Most of us are not aware of this but vinegar is a natural product that can sanitize. You can add one part of vinegar to nine parts of water to prepare the solution. All you need to do is to rinse your cup with this solution and then with cold water. Now do it naturally without being worried and answer the simple question of how to clean my menstrual cup!

Boil Your Cup.

Boil Your Cup

At the end of your menstrual cycle, it is best to boil it. All you need to do is to clean your cup with a bar of mild soap and rinse it with water. Then take a steel pot and fill it with water to a level that your menstrual cup does not touch the base of the utensil. Put the cup in the boiling water and let it boil for 5 to 10 min. Take it out and keep it separately to cool down. Even if it is needed you can boil it in between when you feel like it.

Dry Your Menstrual Cup Completely

Dry Your Menstrual Cup Completely

Once you are done with the process of cleaning you have to make sure that you place the cup at a place to dry it. As we all know that if left with moisture on it, there are chances that the bacteria grow on it. Inserting the same cup in your private parts can cause infection. Thus, it is very important to dry it before storing it.

Store At A Dry Place

Store At A Dry Place

It is important to keep in mind that the menstrual cup should not be kept in a plastic bag. It is good to keep in a container that is dry as well as breathable. It will make your cup go on for a longer period and will not make your cup smell bad. So it’s better to keep it in a cotton pouch and let it be there till you need it further.

The best way to clean a menstrual cup is to go natural when cleaning the cup and avoid things like scented soap, oil-based soap, bleach, baking soda, detergent, Dishwashing liquid, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol. It’s better to keep it away from these hard substances and be gentle with them.

How To Clean Menstrual Cup Between Uses?

It is similar to the process mentioned above but the only thing that is important is how you want to clean your cup.

1.Between uses if you want you can simply wash your hands and empty the content of the cup in the toilet and rinse it with water. After that take a menstrual cup cleanser to completely clean it. Wash it with water and pat it dry.

2.You can clean the menstrual cup by using a mild soap that is free from chemicals after emptying the menstrual cup and rinsing it with plain water. Dry it using a cloth and you are all set to use it again.

3.You can also soak the cup in warm water after cleaning and rinsing it so that it gets free from any debris that is still there in the cup. Then clean it with mild soap and water. Take a pot full of water and submerge the cup in it to boil it for some minutes. In between, you can slow the flame to let it boil. Take it out of the water and pat it dry so that there would be no moisture. And it is ready to be used again.

These are some of the simplest ways that answer your question of how to clean menstrual cup between uses. Apart from this, there are some questions that need to be answered when the menstrual cup becomes an inevitable part of our routine. It will clear all the air that surrounds the use of a menstrual cup and will prepare you fully for its use.

Why Does My Menstrual Cup Smell?

why does my menstrual cup smell mostly menstrual cup user question so here we will give the answer of your question and will tell you how you can make smell free menstrual cup. Every person has their own body odor and so does the vagina and that is absolutely fine. But if you start feeling that your menstrual cup is giving out some foul smell then there may be some reasons behind it. As the cup is made up of silicone it is odorless when it is made but it may develop smell with growing usage.

There are some reasons that are listed below to answer the question of why does my menstrual cup smell.

1. Wearing it for too long

Wearing it for too long

If you are wearing your cup for more than 12 hours, then you should discontinue doing it. If it is convenient then instead of two times, consider changing your cup 3 to 4 times a day at an interval of 4 to 8 hours. It is one of the top reasons that your cup could develop a foul smell.

2. Use cold water before warm

Use cold water before warm

You may be making the mistake of cleaning your cup with warm water first and then cleaning it with cold water. In this case, the odor gets locked in the cup. It is imperative on your part to first rinse it with cold water and then follow the procedure of cleaning.

3. Clean thoroughly:

Clean thoroughly

Don’t get hasty while cleaning your cup and try to clean it thoroughly every time you do it. Was it using a menstrual cup cleanser, or a mild soap, or even if you are boiling it in hot water make sure there is no debris left in the cup. If needed, clean it with a soft brush to clean it thoroughly.

4. Sterilize it completely after each period

Clean thoroughly

It is very important to sanitize your cup completely after each period cycle before keeping it. It is important to clean and boil it after your period gets over. This step should not get skipped at any cost.

How To Remove Smell From Menstrual Cup

Know the best way how to remove smell from menstrual cup it’s a very easy process you can do it at your home apply these tips and keep your menstrual cup smell free and long-lasting.

1. Keep it under the sun:

Keep it under the sun

After washing and cleaning the cup try to keep it under the sun as it is the safest and natural way to make it free from unwanted odor. Just a few hours under a sunny spot would do.

2. Vinegar solution:

Vinegar solution

Make half vinegar and solution, by mixing half water and then put it in its solution for an hour or so and then rinse it thoroughly.

3. Lemon Juice:

Lemon Juice

You can take lemon juice to clean the inside of the cup or you can also dip it in the solution. Just keep in mind to thoroughly rinse it and boil it after this procedure is completed.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide or rubbing alcohol:

Hydrogen Peroxide or rubbing alcohol

Though hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol is not recommended to clean the cup in such circumstances, it can be used. You just need to soak the cup in it for an hour and boil it after you are done with it.

How To Remove Stains From Menstrual Cup

Stains will happen if you are using a menstrual cup as these are unavoidable side effects of using a menstrual cup. You can soak the cup overnight in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution overnight. This might help in cleaning the stains. But it should not be done too often as it may rip you off of the warranty of the cup.

Even the best menstrual cup needs to be cleaned thoroughly to keep them in good condition and save you from problems that can become bigger issues later in life. So before buying the cup do thorough research if you want to know the answer to the question How to choose the best menstrual cup?

Why Is My Menstrual Cup Leaking During Use?

We will clear here why is my menstrual Cup leaking during use. There are instances when you experience leakage in the menstrual cup and you may get shocked due to this sudden happening. But there is nothing to worry about.

1. Wrong size of the cup

If you are thinking that why is my menstrual cup leaking, then it might be a possibility that you are not wearing the right size. So consider changing the size of your cup and get the right size for you.

2. Your cup must have not popped open

When you insert the cup in your vagina with the fold, it opens with a pop. But, if you do not hear the pop sound then it must have not opened in the right manner and did not create a tight seal against the wall. So try holding the cup from the base and slightly move it from left to right to pop open it check proper insertion menstrual cup video.

3. Overflowing due to heavy periods

Overflowing due to heavy periods

It might be possible that due to heavy periods you may experience that your cup overflows. They can hold three times the blood that a tampon can hold. But still, there are days when you go through such conditions and then you need to be a little cautious about it.

4. Your cup is not in the right position

Your cup is not in the right position

It might be possible that your cup is not positioned properly in your vagina. It is best to make it sit a little lower and inserted it in a horizontal position rather than in a vertical manner. Try to place it below your cervix to avoid leakage in your cup. So position your cup rightly and forget to worry about the question of why does my menstrual cup leaks.

5. Strong pelvic floor muscles

If your pelvic floor muscles are very strong then it might be a possibility that the pelvic floor is squeezing the walls of your cup. This may cause breakage in your cup and let your period blood flow. So it’s better to go for an affirm rim if you have strong pelvic muscles.

So, Here all your query how to clean a menstrual cup, how to sterilize the menstrual cup, why my menstrual cup smell, how to remove the smell from a menstrual cup and why is my menstrual cup leaking solved. Thank you for giving us valuable time on our website if you are happy with our answers please share this link. Also, comment us for any menstrual cup query we will give answers to your query. Also, you can know more about what is menstrual cup click here.

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