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Questions regarding your order & shipment.

Is my order on GynoCups permitted for edit or cancellation?
Before your order has been dispersed for shipping, you can cancel or edit any point of time. If want to do that, please send an email or whatsapp ( or 989-909-5800) to our registered email id with order details and the reason for cancellation. If the order has been already shipped for shipping, you need to return the order before you wish to reship again.
What to do when I haven't received my order on GynoCups?
If your product is not delivered on time, do not worry. The estimated date is generally calculated on weekdays from the day it has been dispersed fro shipping. For more details, talk to us at 989-909-5800.
How can I track my order on GynoCups?
Any placed order on comes with the tracked shipping method, which enables you to track your order. If it’s an untracked shipping method, you will not be able to track your order. For further concerns, visit our contact us page or call us at 989-909-5800.
Is there worldwide shipping on GynoCups?
Not Yet, if you are looking for talk to us at +91 989-909-5800 or email us at
What is the Refund/Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee on GynoCups?
GynoCups? For the women/girls who are using a menstrual cup for the first time, it usually takes up to the completion of 3 menstrual cycles to get adapted to using it. With this, we offer you Satisfaction Guarantee after 90 days of use. This includes you receiving free size exchange or a complete refund of the product, which are exclusive of handling and shipping costs. Fill the Satisfaction Guarantee form with your name, Order number/copy of the receipt, reason of unsatisfactory claim, and send to our registered email address. Check here Satisfaction Guarantee

Cup Help & Questions

Questions regarding Cup Help & Questions .

What to do if I face trouble inserting GynoCup?
Using a menstrual cup and inserting it might feel a little awkward at first, but with proper precision and instructions being followed, it should not be extremely troublesome. Try various folds that make it easier for you to push inside the cup and while inserting the cup,use water or any water-based lubricant to make the insertion smooth. Walk a little bit after wearing it to make it more comfortable. Learn How to Use
What if I am not able to remove GynoCup properly?
Firstly relax your body and ensure you do not tension your muscles, and in a squat position, remove the cup slowly. It is advisable to do while sitting on a toilet seat while pushing your abdominal muscles downwards and reach the base of the cup. If you still feel uncomfortable in removing it, slide your index finger inside your vagina and clench it out. Learn How to Use
Can virgins wear GynoCup?
Yes, virgins can wear GynoCups with no difficulty. Although being a virgin, the insertion can be a bit difficult, but with proper following of instructions, it can be worn comfortably by virgins too. Size 0 can be used in such cases.
What is the duration in which I can wear GynoCups?
GynoCup can hold blood absorption of up to 12 hours. It is advisable not to wear the menstrual cup for more than 12 hours and should consider removing, cleaning, and re-suing the cup after 11-12 hours of menstrual fluid collect.
Is GynoCup advisable for heavy menstrual flow?
Yes, GynoCup are designed for all kinds of menstrual flows. If you have a heavy menstrual flow, medium or large size would be perfect for you with more significant in diameter shape to hold more menstrual fluid collect without any leakage.
Are there any chances of my menstrual blood flowing back into my uterus?
No, it is quite unlikely for something like this to happen even if you are upside down. Since the menstrual blood is thicker in its consistency, it is noway susceptible to slosh around your vaginal area. if still confused talk to female consultant at 989-909-5800.
How do I clean the Menstrual Cup?
You just need to rinse your Gynocup with clean water. You should avoid cleaning your cup with soap, but in case you prefer using soap, it’s important to use a perfume-free, chemical-free and pH-balanced soap. It is always best to use a cleaning liquid especially formulated to clean your cup such as GynoCup liquid cleanser. It is not necessary to sterilize your cup while on your period. However, once your period gets finished, you need to completely sterilize your GynoCup. Cleaning the cup: Take a pot, boil the GynoCup in water for 3-5 minutes. Make sure to fill the pot so that your cup does not get stuck to the bottom of the pot and your cup gets burnt. Learn How to Use
Is the Menstrual Cup safe?
The Gynocup is made from 100% medical-grade silicone and is completely safe to use as it doesn't contain BPA or latex. Gynocup contains no allergens and is completely safe to use.
Can I use the Menstrual Cup with an IUD?
This is a frequent question that is asked by many but there is nothing to fear about. That means it is absolutely safe to use. Many Gynocup users have been using it while having an IUD fitted. However, you should always consult your doctor before using a menstrual cup with an IUD. Moreover, within the first 3 months after the device has been inserted, almost 5% of cases IUD gets naturally rejected by the body. This is why we recommend: • After the IUD has been inserted, wait for 2-3 full cycles before you go for the Gynocup as it will give your body enough time to settle with it. • If you start using it make sure to break the suction seal before removing the cup. • Place the Gynocup as low as possible near the vaginal opening. • You can also get the string of your IUD to get shorted by your gynaecologist and not by yourself. If still have a question please talk to our female consultant at 989-909-5800.
Can I Sterilize my menstrual cup in a microwave or pour boiling water over it?
It is better to Sterilize your Gynocup in boiling water as sterilizing the cup in boiling water with a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius and remaining that way for a couple of minutes is recommended. This cannot be easily done if you’re using a microwave and with the pouring of boiling water over the cup, as the temperature drops in both the cases.
How do I eliminate the smell from my Menstrual Cup?
The material (Medical-grade silicone) with which the Gynocup is made is odorless. However, there are chances that your cup develops an odour over time with use. If you are using the Gynocup for more than advised 8-12 hours, then there are more chances that it develops smell. Some ways to eliminate the smell from the cup: • Hydrogen peroxide mix can prove beneficial. All you need to do is to mix 1/2 hydrogen peroxide 2% and 1/2 water in a bowl. Leave it overnight after submerging the cup in the mixture. Boil the cup for 3-5 minutes after doing this and inserting it again. • Use fresh lemon juice there are two ways, either you can either wipe the inside and outside of your cup with a fresh lime or you can soak the cup in the juice for an hour or so. Again boil your cup for a few minutes in water before you use it. • Simply rinse the cup with cold water. After you remove and empty your cup, rinse it with cold water first. Never use the warm water first as it intact the smell though you can do it afterwards.
Can I get TSS from using the Menstrual Cup?
TSS is bacterial infections that can prove to be dangerous. It is generally associated with the use of a tampon. If a person is a carrier of a specific strain of staph bacteria (staphylococcus aureus) in their body, then you are more likely to catch TSS as it gets multiplied as in a tampon’s absorbent fibers. A menstrual cup collects the menstrual blood, unlike tampons and pads. This clearly means that the suction seal does not allow the oxygen to reach the menstrual flow and thus it remains bacteria-free. No unnecessary vaginal fluids will be absorbed in this case and eliminate the chances of irritation and dryness. This also allows the natural pH balance of the vagina to get intact. There can be a minimal risk of catching TSS if you encounter strain of staph bacteria in your vaginal flora. This is why it is recommended that you empty it after 8-12 hours. It is very important to sanitize your cup in between periods and wash your hands every time you touch your cup. If you experience any of the symptoms, then it is better to seek medical advice immediately and discontinue the usage of the cup. The symptoms are - sudden fever, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhoea, fainting, a rash similar to a sunburn, or scaly skin. You can develop the infection during the menstrual period or some days later. Note: Do not use Gynocup if you have been previously diagnosed with TSS.
How do I remove discolouration from my Menstrual Cup?
Discolouration is quite common in case you are using a transparent cup and it has nothing to do with its usability apart from the fact that it looks different in appearance. Discolouration happens because of the residual build-up. However, you can follow these steps to make it look the same. Take hydrogen peroxide 2% in a bowl, mix 1/2 water and 1/2 hydrogen peroxide. You just need to submerge the cup and leave it overnight. This would make it look like a new one but clean it thoroughly before use!
How do I recycle my old Menstrual Cup?
You can enquire this at your local recycling facility, as they are well aware of it. Sometimes they even take it themselves. Apart from this, it is best to burn your cup if you do not like to throw it as silicone is only sand (quartz). It is not much harmful and will produce a small quantity of CO2.
How do I clean the Menstrual Cup in public toilets?
If you're travelling, you can carry clean water in a bottle and clean it in case you do not have access to clean running water. You can also use a disinfecting wipe to clean your cup. While in the restroom you can use toilet paper and clean it. Make sure to clean it properly once you reach home.
Can I use the Menstrual Cup with prolapse or tilted uterus?
Prolapse: It is advised to talk to your gynaecologist in case you have prolapse as the degree of prolapse can differ greatly. Tilted uterus: In case of tilted uterus you can easily go for Gynocup. However, it may take time for you to get set with it initially. Therefore, till you find the best position and feel confident about it you can halt for a while. There might be some cases where some women will not be able to use the cup with a retroverted or tilted uterus.
Will using a menstrual cup cause a prolapse?
There’s no scientific or medical proof that supports the claim that a menstrual cup can cause a prolapse. This was also supported by a report by the Lancet Public Health journal. This report was published last year that involved 3,300 women and girls living in many developed and underdeveloped countries. It concluded that menstrual cups are a safe option. In the BBC article the report is also mentioned. If you understand the exact way to insert and remove the cup by following the guidelines you should be fine. In case you have a prolapse it is recommended to talk to a medical professional before using the menstrual cup.
Can I get yeast infection by using the menstrual cup?
There is no risk of yeast infections associated with the use of menstrual cups. You are advisable to wash your hands before using the menstrual cup as you are more likely to get an infection from bacteria on your hands that gets transferred via the menstrual cup. A yeast infection can be triggered by many different things. You can transfer bacteria to the cup while you have a yeast infection so if you use the cup the bacteria get transferred and stay on the cup. So if you use it, you can infect yourself again.
Is Menstrual Cup vegan and cruelty-free?
Yes! Gynocup is 100% vegan and we can assure you that we do not tested on animals.
Can I cut the stem off the Menstrual Cup?
The stem of Gynocup is customizable and can be cut off if desired. It can be cut off to the base but it is better to be confident that you will be comfortable with it before cutting the stem.
Which size should I use?
Gynocup is available in three sizes: • Small: For teens and women less than 21 years of age, these can be used by first-timers as well who need a smaller size. • Medium: For women who fall in between 21 to 30 years or have given birth to a child. • Large: For women of more than 30 years of age or have given birth to a child. It is very important to use the best fit size to prevent any leakage. The deciding factor to choose the right size of the menstrual cup is the age of the wearer, length of the cervix, the flow, firmness and flexibility of the menstrual cup, the capacity, the strength of the pelvic floor muscle and the most important of them all is whether you have a normal delivery or C-section.
Can I pee while using a menstrual cup?
Absolutely! The menstrual cup is inserted in the vagina and you pee from your urethra. Thus, it doesn't collect your urine. The functions of the two are different so you don’t need to remove the cup when you pee.
Will the blood flow back into my uterus or flow inside me?
No, it is next to impossible that the blood collected in the menstrual cup will flow back into your uterus. The consistency of the blood is thick and so it doesn't flow around inside you, do not need to worry as it simply remains in the cup.
Can I use the Menstrual Cup with a heavy period?
Even if you have heavy periods you can use Gynocup as it works really well in this case also. Its capacity to hold the menstrual flow is 3 times more than a tampon. Initially, it is good to empty the cup more frequently to see how quickly it gets filled. With a heavier flow, you should empty your cup more frequently.
I have a latex allergy. Can I use the Menstrual Cup?
Yes. The cup is made up of 100% medical-grade silicone and does not contain latex or BPA in any form.
How much fluid can the Menstrual Cup hold?
A small cup can hold 17ml, the medium cup can hold 25ml, and the large can hold 30ml.
Can I use the cup if I do not have access to clean water?
Yes, you can. In this case, it is best to use sterilizing wipes to sterilize your cup. You can also use clean bottled drinking water to clean the cup instead of washing it in contaminated water.
What is the environmental impact of using the Menstrual cup?
It has a great impact as it does not contribute to the pollution of the environment. Firstly, it can be used for a longer time and secondly it does not cause pollution.
How do you use a Menstrual Cup?
You must tightly fold the cup and insert it. If it is done correctly, you should not feel it. Inside you and it will pop open. All you need to do is to rotate it first and get fixed against the vaginal walls. The vacuum seal created will prevent leaks.
Can I use the Menstrual Cup while travelling?
Absolutely! It is not like other menstrual products that needs to be changed frequently. You can carry clean water in a bottle to clean it between the user or simply use wipes or toilet paper.
If the Gynocup is leaking
There might be many reasons for its leakage but the most common is that it might be possible that it is not positioned properly or not inserted in the right manner. You need to learn the skills and have the patience to let things fall in place. Other reasons: • It didn’t pop open in the right manner • Spotting from excess menstrual blood is still present in the vagina • The air holes get clogged
I find the Gynocup uncomfortable
You might feel uncomfortable if the positioning or its placement is not right, you accidentally scratch yourself while inserting the cup or removing it, the body is not used to the cup, the stem is poking out of the vagina, the cup is not positioned low or the most probable one is that the size is not right for you.
How do I know if it's positioned correctly?
You cannot be felt if inserted properly and it will pop open in the vagina making it rest against the walls of the vagina. The vacuum seal created does not let the flow come out or leak.
I'm having cramps using the cup. Why?
It might be due to the incorrect size of the cup, if it’s too big it can cause you pain. The positioning of the cup can be another factor so you can change the positioning as well. Thirdly is that you might be getting used to it.
Does using the Menstrual Cup protect me from unwanted pregnancy?
No, it cannot be used as a contraceptive measure so do not think of escaping the pregnancy with the usage of menstrual cup

Safety, Hygiene and Care

Questions regarding Safety, Hygiene and Care.

Can GynoCup be worn while having sex?
No, while wearing GynoCups, you are not allowed to have penetrative sexual intercourse and also do not stand out to be a method of contraception.
Am I allowed to do running, swimming, traveling, yoga, etc. while wearing GynoCup?
Yes absolutely! GynoCups is designed dedicatedly to help you never stop on any activity and keeps you active throughout the day without any fears of leakage or disruption.
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