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Why Should We Use Menstrual Cup Get Perfect Answers With 20 Reasons

Why Should We Use Menstrual Cup Get Perfect Answers With 20 Reasons

Why We Use Menstrual Cup?

Have you switched to the soft silicone funnel-shaped menstrual cup? Not yet? Girl, what is holding you back from using this cup?

Have questions like why use menstrual cup? Then check out the multitude of reasons why every woman must switch to this amazing female hygiene product called the menstrual cup.

1. You Prefer Comfort And Ease Don’t You?
You want to be comfortable and stress-free during periods then use the menstrual cup. Just insert this silicone cup into the vagina and relax. After use make sure to clean the cup and it is ready to use again.

2. Say No To Waste:
Ask a woman who uses the cup why we use a menstrual cup and one of the reasons she gives is to reduce the waste. Unlike sanitary napkins and tampons, these cups can be used for years together.

3. Better Holding Capacity of Cups:
As compared to sanitary napkins and tampons these menstrual cups have the capacity to hold more blood.

4. How About a Shorter Cycle?
During heavy flow, you need to change your sanitary napkin or tampon in a few hours. But menstrual cups can be used for 8 to 12 hours at a stretch.

5. No More Leakage Mess:
The worst thing about periods is leakages but that does not happen when you use the menstrual cup.

6. No Nasty Yucky Smell:
Every woman must have experienced this yucky smell when she uses sanitary napkins during periods. For an odor-free period make use of a menstrual cup.

7. Want To Save Money Then Start Using The Cup:
A menstrual cup can be used for many years but sanitary napkins and tampons you need to buy every month. Now just calculate how much money you save due to this cup.

8. Be Ready For Uninvited Periods:
So your monthly friend arrived early this month and now you are in a public place. Oh now run around for toilet paper or beg for a tampon. So, next time not sure when the period is due, then just tuck the cup and move around without worries.

9. Sleep The Way You Want:
Once you switch to the cup then you do not have to worry about staining the bed sheet and you can sleep in almost any position,

10. Wetness is No Longer An Issue:
In a sauna or getting intimate with your partner? No need to worry about the wetness as your cup can handle it all.

11. Get Sporty Even on Those Days:
Once you switch to the menstrual cup you do not have to stop your workout or sports activities during your periods.

12. Travel Wherever You Want:
If you are a travel buff who loves to explore remote places then you must never ask the question of why to use a menstrual cup. Once you have the cup with you there is no need to worry about periods during travel times.

13. TSS is Out of The Question:
Unlike tampons with the menstrual cup Toxic Shock Syndrome is out of the question,

14. Yes it is Hygienic:
No worry about infection as the cup is hygienic.

15. Dry Vagina? Out of Question!
This cup does not disturb the ph balance nor does it cause soreness of the vagina.

16. No Juices Absorbed:
Cup is ideal when you are sexually aroused or are having heavy vaginal discharges,

17. Goodbye Spotting:
Spotting is out of the question when you have your cup in the vagina.

18. It Helps in Planning:
When your dear friend is expected to arrive, you can plan and use the cup a day or two in advance.

19. Better Idea About The Flow:
You know how much liquid is being collected and you get a better idea about the flow and your body.

20. It Can Give a Boost To Innovative Businesses:
You surely want to support businesses like GynoCup that are trying to liberate women from menstrual poverty. So, do you still want to know why a menstrual cup is used?

Not one but there is a lot of reasons for switching to a good quality menstrual cup. This silicone cup makes managing messy periods a lot easier. It is also a cost-effective and environment-friendly option as it can be reused for many years. So waste no more time! It is time to make the switch to the menstrual cup called GynoCup now!

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