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Is It Possible To Stop Periods Immediately?

Is It Possible To Stop Periods Immediately?

How To Stop Periods Immediately Is It Possible

How to stop periods immediately that is the big question for every girl and why should it do Sometimes there are situations when females feel like getting rid of their periods. The reasons could be many, ranging from personal to other issues. But it is the truth that cannot be ignored. If you ask females whether given an option they would want to stop their periods forever? The answer would be Yes! There might be a family function, a party, some sports event, or excessive pain. There might be any reason but it will surely make you want to skip your periods. If your periods coincide with any occasion then the most probable question that arises is how to stop your periods? There are innumerable ways to stop your periods and some of the probable answers are discussed below.
How To Stop Periods?

There are some measures that one can adopt that would be a perfect answer to how to stop periods immediately or how to stop your periods for a night that can help you solve your issue but under the guidance of your Gynecologist.

How To Stop Your Period Try These Ways

1. Ethinyl Estradiol-Norethisterone Pills

Ethinyl Estradiol-Norethisterone Pills are medicines that can help in delaying the periods or prevent irregular bleeding but this should be done under the supervision of the doctor as everyone has a different body. This medicine works by maintaining high levels of progesterone and estrogen that results in delaying the periods by preventing ovulation. It can help in delaying your periods by 2-3 days. You might experience a little spotting but do not mistake it for periods as it can be due to shedding of the uterus.

2. Contraceptive Pills:

If it is the occasion of your own wedding or some important event and you want to skip one whole cycle then it is good to go with the contraceptive pills. You must complete the cycle of 28 days and take the medicine as prescribed by your doctor. This also keeps the levels of estrogen and progesterone and stops the uterus from shedding the lining.

3. Hormonal IUDs

An intrauterine device (IUD) is a great alternative if you want to reduce blood loss during the periods and at the same time stop bleeding completely. Levonorgestrel is a hormone found in UID’s that is almost similar to the progesterone that is produced by ovaries, it helps in making the vaginal fluid thick and make changes in the uterine lining that help in skipping the period. One of the most used recommended methods of stopping periods.

4. Contraceptive Injections

A contraceptive injection again contains progesterone that reduces the bleeding and sometimes completely stops bleeding. These shots are given under the strict supervision of a doctor that is administered every three months. As it maintains a high level of progesterone in the blood it causes the periods to get delayed.

5. Contraceptive Implants

There is another method to stop periods that is contraceptive implants that are done in the army under the skin of the person. These contain progestin that stops ovulation and the development of follicles resulting in no periods. It is a very effective method to postpone the periods and generally works with most women.

6. Birth Control Pills

If you are taking birth control pills continuously for a long time this can help you skip your periods for a long time that can continue for months as it helps in keeping the estrogen and progesterone levels high and stops the uterus lining from shedding that will prevent your periods.

7. Vaginal Ring

Vaginal rings are another option that successfully helps in delaying or skipping the periods as it also produces a low volume of estrogen and progestin that will help you in skipping your periods. For a long time.

All the above methods are a perfect answer to how to stop your periods but the person going with these methods may experience spotting, or a little bleeding can still be experienced. It might also have some side effects that can range from extreme mood swings, depression, anger issues, cramps, to night sweats. Though it is not necessary that one would definitely have it the possibilities are higher if you are trying to skip your periods.

Which Method is Right For You?

The answer to it varies from person to person. A person trying the above-mentioned method may feel satisfied and others may not so the best scenario is to take the advice of the doctor and after a thorough examination, he would refer you to the best way that will work for you. So, don’t try any of these without an expert opinion.

Who Should Not Try Their Hands in Stopping The Periods?

It is very important to understand that girls under the age of 15 can be at risk if they try to stop their periods. The girls in their teens just enter the phase of menstruation and it is important to check for how long they are having the periods, the quantity of blood coming out and other symptoms and curbing the periods at the initial stage can be harmful to them.

When Can You Start Thinking of Skipping The Periods?

There are some medical conditions that may get worse with periods and thus, the periods may not be helpful during these conditions. Gynecologists generally recommend stopping the periods for some time if someone is suffering from conditions like anemia, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids. In these conditions, the gynecologist will prescribe the best method that can help in stopping the periods to avoid any harmful effects.

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