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All You Need To Know About Your Cervix Before You Buy A Menstrual Cup

All You Need To Know About Your Cervix Before You Buy A Menstrual Cup

What is a cervix and why is it important to know about it before buying a menstrual cup?

The cervix is a very important part of a female body as it connects the vagina to the uterus. It is around 3 centimeters in diameter and looks similar to a doughnut that has a hole in the middle. This tiny opening allows the menstrual flow to come out and also the sperms to enter the uterus of a female. It also helps during childbirth by changing the shape as per the need and can expand up to 10 cm during labor.

As it allows the menstrual flow to come out, that itself explains the importance of knowing everything about your cervix. So if you buy a menstrual cup that doesn’t fit in your vagina how would you feel? Cheated!

It is essential to know about your cervix and its height as the menstrual cup when inserted inside the vagina, sits just below the cervix to collect the menstrual flow. The cervix is typically 2 cm in length and changes its position throughout the menstrual cycle. Everybody is different from outside as well as from inside so having proper information is imperative before investing in a menstrual cup that makes you feel comfortable in your most difficult days.

A cervix may be high in some women or low in others. But how does it matter? It does matter because if you have a high cervix then it is difficult for the cup to reach it if you have not chosen the size keeping in mind the height of your cervix. On the other hand, if your cervix is low a large cup may protrude out causing trouble to you. So the height does matter.

How Will You Be Able To Locate Your Cervix?

It is very easy to locate your cervix. All you need to do is to wash your hands and insert it inside the vagina. You will be able to locate a tissue that is a little firmer than the walls of the vagina and almost feels like the tip of the nose. You start with moving your finger inside until the tip of your finger touches the cervix.

As the cervix changes its position throughout the menstrual cycle so the best time to locate your cervix is during your cycle. Check it twice or thrice to get the best idea and leave no room for mistakes.

How would you know the height of your cervix?

You can understand the height of your cervix with the help of your knuckle. If you can locate and touch your cervix by the first knuckle then your cervix is low. If the cervix is average in height you would be able to touch it with two knuckles. Moreover, if your entire finger can easily get into the vagina before reaching the cervix then your cervix is high.

To make things more accurate you can measure the height of your finger with each knuckle using a ruler and then accordingly measure the cup while purchasing.

What to do if you have a high cervix?

In case you have a high cervix you should go for a long menstrual cup as it will be easy to insert, remove and locate. A menstrual cup with a smaller height will be difficult to reach. So a medium size Gynocup menstrual cup can be a great choice for you taking other factors into account like age, flow, and childbirth.

What to do if you have a low cervix?

If you have a low cervix then it is advisable to go for a small Gynocup menstrual cup that can comfortably fit into the vagina. In case you find the stem of the cup protruding out then you can cut the stem keeping in mind not to create a hole while cutting it. It will not make you feel uncomfortable. Also keep other factors like age, flow, and childbirth in mind while making the purchase.

What to do if you have an average cervix?

If you have an average cervix then either the medium or small size of Gynocup may fit you. If you experience heavy flow during the periods then you may go for a medium-size menstrual cup or else you can opt for a small-size menstrual cup. In case you find the stem of the menstrual cup protruding out then you can trim off the step to fit in comfortably.

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