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I Switched From Pads To Cup, And It Changed My Life

I Switched From Pads To Cup, And It Changed My Life

Why Use Menstrual Cup

Here I will tell you why use menstrual cup and how menstrual cup changed my life. Menstruation is not easy, and when you start your periods, it is a hassle in the initial days. When I started my cycle, my mother told me that she used to apply a piece of cloth, and I got jitters all over my body. It feels so disgusting when you bleed, and the fabric gets sticky and smelly. This is why you should use a menstrual cup, said one of my friends. Let us read more about the benefits of menstrual cups.

I discussed the issue with my friend, and she told me to use sanitary pads. I tried one of the best companies that offered cotton pads. It worked for the next two months but then I started suffering from many issues. There were rashes all over my inner thighs, and I used to feel scratchy every time.

The itch was so horrible that it could not stop me from scratching my vagina and nearby parts. I remember when these teams from companies used to come and give us pads in the school.

One day I was sitting in the reproductive class, and the teacher explained that there are alternatives to pads like menstrual cups. I was shocked about putting my hands in the bloody area and using a single cup for the entire five days. I laughed at my mindset then, but today it is my best companion and always available in my bag.

My Battle With The Menstrual Cups

1. Selecting the right cup was not at all an easy task. You can consider it a battle for me. I went from website to website and also looked for advertisements. I tried talking to my mother, but that was no use at all. I got an excellent one-hour lecture from her.

2. I was all set to change my thinking and thus bought 7 cups from different brands. Some were tight, some were long, and believe me, some even were leaking. SHIT! CRAP

3. I got a severe urine infection for the first time, and my mother had a reason to give me a lecture again, but then finally, one day, I got to know about GynoCup.

4. A cup is the most advanced silicon-based menstrual cup for a tension-free time. The cup, which is made entirely of medical-grade silicone, provides leak-proof security for up to 12 hours while allowing you to participate in sports, travel, and other activities. It is soft, convenient, odorless, cost-effective, easy to use, and can be reused for up to 5 years.

5. A cup is worn internally and absorbs menstrual fluid rather than swallowing it, allowing the vaginal pH to remain natural without drying out. It keeps you clean without causing rashes or an uneasy sensation of wetness. It is a much better alternative to pads and tampons, and physicians strongly recommend it.

6. That moment was a life turning one for me, and since then, GynoCup has been there with me, sister-in-law’s, and I have been recommending it to every other girl I feel needs it.

The story of Cup

Being a mom of a toddler now, I can assure you that for the new moms, it is tough to find even five minutes to pee and forget about taking time to apply pads and using tampons.

The best thing that I loved about using the menstrual cup is that you need one piece for your entire five-day cycle. It is very economical, and I have no issues buying two also. They are safe, and after years of struggle, I am free from rashes and itching caused by the pads.

My Bollywood Connection

A few days back, my sister-in-law and I were sitting and watching Padman, starring Akshay Kumar. What an ironic situation it was that her daughter started menstruating and got scared. My sister-in-law, being well educated, told her daughter to use a piece of cloth and sleep.

Trust me, and I was damn surprised with her gesture. I told her to stop right there and gave her the safest menstrual cup from my wardrobe. The blank face on my sister-in-law’s front was enough for me to understand that she did not want me to interfere, but then I had to.

I explained everything to the little girl about periods, and she slept so calmly. On the other side, I took my sister-in-law to a corner and gave her a good lecture. I explained to her the importance of these cups and finally thanked God she understood her fault.

It is time that you breaks the rules and starts using cups for enjoying a great menstrual life

The Only Thing To Learn Is To Put It Correctly

You might take a few attempts to get the job right if you’re not used to poking around in your vagina. But it’s valuable! I guarantee that. I promise. My overall solution is to fold it in half and use a finger to ensure that the menstrual cup online opens correctly while it is in place. I give it a little twist to help to build a seal if it doesn’t.

It is shallow, so it’s easy to determine but not so low that the tip is lifting. (This is important to protect it from leaking.) The objective is to make you feel like nothing at all is there.

Either it is not in place, or you will have to experience another style if it is awkward. Don’t get discouraged. Too many are now on the market, so odds are, next to impossible, that you will not find a new one.

That’s a lot of talking, right? Now we have the stats that around 73% of girls want to convert, and you can do it too. I did it, and everything is perfect with me. I am happier and more confident during my period days and will seriously prefer to follow the same.

Now that you know it will make this cup your best friend, you will never regret converting yourself to the cup user.

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