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Are Indian Women Ready For The Best Menstrual Cup in India

Are Indian Women Ready For The Best Menstrual Cup in India

Why You Should Choose Best Menstrual Cup in India

The menstruation cup is still a new concept in the country in India. Many girls even today do not know much about mensuration and the best menstrual cup in india. the importance of menstruation hygiene. Girls even do not go or drop out of school because of their lack of knowledge.

In India, many women still find it difficult to express or talk about menstruation issues. Moreover, as per studies, 12% of the women understand the need to use sanitary napkins. Even today, most Indian women prefer to use sanitary pads or clothes instead of menstruation cups. 

While using disposable sanitary pads is still ok, the scary thing is the fact that most women and girls put themselves at risk by using and promoting sanitary cloth napkins instead of disposable ones. These women think that reusable sanitary pads are not only a cheaper option but also an eco-friendly one. 

Some women still do not even know the meaning of the menstruation cup, let alone using one.  The menstrual cup revolution is still a new concept in most parts of the country. We will understand if the country is ready for the menstrual cup in the Indian revolution or not.

Let us understand the meaning and importance of the menstrual cups available in India.

A menstrual cup is a soft and flexible object that is made from medical-grade rubber or silicon. Just like the tampon, the menstrual cup made in India sits in the vagina and acts like a wall to prevent the menstrual blood from flowing out. The duration of wearing depends on the capacity and size of the menstrual cup you choose. In comparison to sanitary pads, the menstruation cup is reusable and long-lasting.

Importance of the menstrual cup

Many women in India are still adapting to sanitary pads; however, out of the very few that know about the menstruation cup, only a handful of them use it and understand its importance. This section will discuss the importance of the best quality menstrual cup in India and why women should use them. here why should give a change of menstrual cup.

1. The menstrual cup made in India does not pose a health risk.

Unlike regular reusable and disposable sanitary pads, the menstrual cup does not pose a health risk. You do not have to worry about developing any type of rash or infection during your periods by wearing the cup.

2. The menstrual cup in India is an eco-friendly option

Regular sanitary pads may be a preferred choice, but it is still polluting the environment at the end of the day. The materials used to make the pad take a lot of time to degrade and pollute the environment in many ways. A cup is a long-lasting option that will prevent less pollution than regular pads or tampons.

3. The best-quality menstrual cup in India is an affordable option.

Many women do not buy sanitary pads as they cannot afford them every month; they prefer using the cloth versions instead. The menstrual cup made in India is a better choice since it is a one-time investment. Moreover, it is also a practical option because it can last for as long as 5 years or more, depending on the brand and quality of the material.

4. It does not prevent you from having sex

While most women avoid having sex during their periods, there are still some women who do continue having it. The only problem is that there is a higher chance of staining on the sheet while doing so. By wearing a menstruation cup, you do not have to worry about bloodstains. This is because you also get disposable menstruation cups that you can use even if you are intimate. for more info: what is a menstrual cup click here.

The challenges of using and understanding the best menstrual cup in India

As per studies conducted, more than 50,000 of the 100,000 participants did not know anything about periods or why it happens. The main focus of this study was to understand…

Did the girls understand what periods were?

Many girls think that they have contracted some kind of disease or infection, proving to be fatal for their lives. This is a very concerning thing which has to be resolved. Most parents in India do not talk about such a thing in the open. In fact, in some cases, they do not even explain the reason behind why a girl gets periods.

The impact of periods on a girl going to school

Furthermore, the study that was conducted also emphasized the effect of periods on education. The team experts found that many girls are embarrassed to go to school during their days and often stay home. In some cases, many girls even dropped out or were forced to leave school the minute they got their first period.

These observations indicate that forget about using the best quality menstrual cup in India; many girls are still kept in the dark about periods in general, while most of them prefer to use cloth pads instead of disposable ones.

So how can we break the taboo and prepare the country to use the best quality menstrual cup in India?

Many organizations in the country work very hard to educate girls about periods. The volunteers spend endless hours on the road from one village to another to explain the importance of proper menstrual hygiene and brief the girls about the best menstrual cup in India. Even companies that manufacture the best quality menstrual cup in India are tying up with these organizations and promoting the need and importance of using the cup through various online or virtual channels. checkout your menstrual cup price today.

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