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You Should Must Know Before Using a Menstrual Cup

You Should Must Know Before Using a Menstrual Cup

You must read these questions before using a menstrual cup

That is very important if you are thinking of using a menstrual cup. These all are questions is very important to you read these questions before using a menstrual cup.

Q1. Can I use mustard oil with a menstrual cup?

A. No, you should not use mustard oil with a menstrual cup. It is not recommended to use mustard oil with a menstrual cup, instead, it is best to use Gynocup water-based lubricant if you find difficulty in inserting the menstrual cup into your vagina. It makes the insertion easy and smooth and lets the menstrual cup slip easily into the vagina. It is absolutely safe to use as it does not contain paraben, sulfate, or formaldehyde and does not cause any kind of allergy as well. It also maintains the pH balance of the private part and thus does not cause any irritation.

How to use it?

– Take out 2-3 drops of GynoCup lubricant.
– Apply it on the rim of the menstrual cup and also on the upper body of your menstrual cup before insertion
– Now you can make the fold and insert it into your vagina as it makes the insertion easier.

Note: If you are using mustard oil then please discontinue its usage from immediate effect.

Q2. Why is the menstrual cup tight when you pull it down?

A. It is for a very simple reason that when we insert the menstrual cup inside it is folded and gets open as soon as we twist it. It pops open and creates suction inside the vagina and gets stuck to the walls of the vagina leaving no scope for the menstrual flow to leak.

When the menstrual cup gets stuck to the walls of the vagina and it is time for you to take it out it is recommended to pinch it near the base so that it comes out easily but still as has already stuck there you will feel the tightness when you will pull it down. This can be seen with many other instruments or sometimes toys that create suction. Every time you will try to break the seal a pull will be experienced. But there is nothing to worry about as it is very very natural.

Q3. In what age can the menstrual cup be used?

A. There is no prescribed age to use a menstrual cup. At the time of the commencing of the menstrual cycle, the girls generally come in the category of teenagers, which means they are above the age of thirteen. The menstrual cup can be used by teenagers as well as women of any age. There is no age bar to use the menstrual cup. This is the reason that the menstrual cups are categorized into three sizes-small, medium, and large and can be worn keeping in mind your age, menstrual flow, or whether you have given birth naturally or through C-section, you can see the menstrual cup size chart here.

Considering the above factors you can choose your perfect size and start using it. They are completely safe to use even for teenagers. The size prescribed for first-time users or teenagers is a small size. If you are using the right size then you will not even feel its presence inside your vagina and can carry out your daily work, schooling, exercises routine, extra-curricular classes, or any other activities without any fear.

Q4. Why does my menstrual cup not open after I insert it?

A. Menstrual cups need to be taken care of tactfully. There are certain steps that one must follow to keep away from any such issue. You should first choose the right size of the menstrual cup for yourself as it will solve most of your problems.

Choose the fold you are comfortable with. There are many folds that you can choose from but the most frequently used fold is the C-Fold. Once you are through with the fold, you have to insert the folded cup into your vagina. It should sit as low as it can, making you feel comfortable. Make sure that the stem should remain fully inside. As soon as the cup goes inside, twist the cup and it will pop open easily. It would generate suction force and prevent leakages.

You can further use your finger to check if it’s unfolded or not. If you still find that the menstrual cup is still folded try to rotate it again and it will surely open up for more info on how to insert a menstrual cup click here.

Q5. Will the usage of menstrual cups cause a PCOD problem?

A. First of all, we should understand what the PCOD problem is. PCOD is better known as Polycystic Ovarian Disease and is also known by the name Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). It’s a very common issue that is found among women in the age group 12–45 years. It causes an imbalance in the hormones of the women leading to problems with menstrual periods and sometimes makes it difficult to conceive. This leads to difficulty with ovulation or causes irregular periods.

Polycystic Ovarian Disease has nothing to do with the usage of menstrual cups. Polycystic Ovarian Disease is mainly caused by overproduction of androgen by ovaries that causes difficulty with ovulation, excess production of insulin, it can be hereditary, or can also be caused due to the presence of low-grade inflammation. It is a myth among women that the menstrual cup can be the cause of PCOD, though, the fact is that it is nowhere related to the usage of the menstrual cups. You can use the menstrual cup freely without fearing PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian Disease.

Q6. Can a 13-14 year girl use menstrual cups?

A. A girl who comes under the bracket of 13-14 years is called a teenager and if you go through the Gynocup menstrual cup guide it is clearly mentioned that it can be easily used by a teenager. We recommend the teenagers use a smaller size menstrual cup.

There is no set age to use a menstrual cup. At the time when the menstrual cycle starts, the girls come in the category of teenagers only, and that is a perfect age to deal with your periods in a healthy and new way. There is no defined age to use the menstrual cup. This is the reason that the menstrual cups have three sizes-small, medium, and large. It can be used keeping in mind certain factors that include age, menstrual flow, or whether you have given birth vaginally or through C-section.

If you are a teenager and between 13 to 20 years of age then the small size is best for you. The women who come in the age group of 20 and 30 should use medium size and if you are above thirty and given birth to a child naturally then you should use the large size menstrual cup.

Q7. Why am I having back pain after wearing a menstrual cup GynoCup?

A. There is no relation between menstrual cup and back pain. The usage of menstrual cups does not cause back pain as there has been no evidence to prove that. But in case, you still have any issues or doubts regarding it then you should see your Gynaecologist as she might be the best person to provide a perfect solution in this regard.

Q8. Do hips grow because of regular use of menstrual cups?

A. No, there is no evidence to support the fact that hips grow due to the continuous use of a menstrual cup. The menstrual cup has no correlation with this. It is just a myth!

Q9. Will menstrual cups make it harder to walk?

A. The menstrual cups do not make it harder to walk. It can only take place if it is not inserted into the vagina properly. If it does not sit into your vagina properly then there may be chances that you feel it. If the menstrual cup is inserted in the right manner it will pop open and will create suction. Then it will rest against the wall of the vagina creating a tight seal. Make sure that the menstrual cup should sit a few inches below your cervix and the stem should sit just inside the opening of the vagina.

If these things are considered properly during the insertion then you will not even feel that it has been inserted into your vagina. You can carry out your daily chores without any tension whether it’s household chores, exercise, swimming, or walking.

Q10. Can using a menstrual cup increase the uterus size or not?

A. No, the usage of a menstrual cup cannot increase the size of the uterus. First of all the menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina and it does not go that far to enter the uterus. So changing the shape of the uterus is out of the question. The usage of a menstrual cup has nothing to do with the change of shape of the uterus.

Secondly, it is the vagina that has the natural ability to come back to its normal shape and size even if something is inserted or in the case when women give birth naturally through it. There might be a possibility that it probably won’t return completely to the shape that it was before giving birth but then there won’t be much change.

Hope you have cleared all your doubt regarding using a menstrual cup and if you have any doubt please comment us we will reply to your questions. Also, you can know complete information about what is menstrual cup click here.

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