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What is pH Balance in The Female Body & How to Maintain It

What is pH Balance in The Female Body & How to Maintain It

What is ph balance in the female body?

Are you aware that the pH of your body what is pH balance in the female body has an impact on the health of your vagina? If the ph balance of the body goes off track then it can affect the vagina. Itching in the vagina, odor are some of the signs that your vagina is not in the best of health.

To avoid all such issues and to keep your vagina happy it is important to maintain the pH balance of the body. Wondering what the pH balance of the body is?

Understanding the meaning of pH of the body:

The alkalinity or acidity of something is measured using pH. The pH scale for everything including your body is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. If the pH is 7 then it indicates that the pH balance of that object is neutral. If the pH is below 7 then it indicates acidic and if it is more than 7 then the object is said to be alkaline.

Now if the pH of the vagina is in the range of 3.8 to 4.5 then this acidic pH of the vagina is considered to be normal. If the pH falls below this number then the woman may face issues like odor, strange discharge, etc.

Now you know “what is pH level in the body?” but it is also important to know what can lead to fluctuation of the pH of the vagina. Your periods, use of tampons, presence of semen in the vagina are some aspects that can disturb the vaginal pH. Certain synthetic products, antibiotics are also aspects that can disturb the pH balance.

Want to maintain your vagina ph? Follow these simple tips to keep the vaginal pH normal!

Switch to a menstrual cup right away!

Period products like tampons contain synthetic materials that can wreak havoc in your vagina and put the pH completely off track. If you do not want to face this situation then switch to a menstrual cup.
Now while choosing the menstrual cup make sure that you use an excellent product like Gynocup. This cup is made from medical-grade silicone and is gentle on your vagina.

A Clean vagina is always important:

Now you know what is the pH balance in the female body and vagina. To maintain this ph you must keep the vagina clean. You must clean the vagina with a good quality intimate hygiene product and lukewarm water.

It is also important to clean the vagina properly after having sex. Cleaning the vagina after intercourse helps maintain the ph level as well as helps to maintain good bacteria.

Eat right to maintain pH balance:

The food that you eat also has an impact on the vaginal pH. Always eat probiotic-rich foods and avoid foods that are loaded with sugar.


Your vagina can be happy only if you ensure that the pH of the vagina is normal. For this, it is important to use good quality menstrual hygiene products like a menstrual cup. It is equally important to eat the right foods to maintain vaginal pH.

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