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Here’s Why You Must Give Menstrual Cup a Chance

Here’s Why You Must Give Menstrual Cup a Chance

Amazing Benefits of Menstrual Cup

There are many misconceptions around these tiny products among women of every age. But, you cannot ignore the undeniable benefits of menstrual cup either.

“Those five days of the month”- Is a statement that evokes dread and frustration among women from 15 to 50. Pay close attention, and you will find out that fear of leakage and stains are reasons behind the worry. Nothing compares to the irritation and discomfort caused by pads and tampons- not even the cramps.

The menstrual cup is the answer to all such problems. The side effects of Menstrual cups are negligible in comparison to the advantages. Read on to find out.

Why are Menstrual Cups Becoming so Popular?

Many women are making the switch towards menstrual cups for certain undeniable advantages that are listed below:

Menstrual Cups are Chemical-Free

Menstrual Cups use Medical Grade Silicone or hypoallergenic rubber. Toxin and vaginal fluid residues are not left behind as they get collected in the cup. The suction seal formed by the cup inside the vagina, eliminating the risks from bacteria. 

Did you know that synthetic pads can turn toxic after absorbing vaginal mucus, which leads to conditions like toxic shock syndrome? On the other hand, tampons have 100% cotton but can lead to slight vaginal tears. Hence, toxin-induced infections are possible.

As a result, it lowers down the chance of Infections and Toxic Shock Syndrome.

No Wetness as a Reminder

You are bound to feel conscious and uncomfortable when you feel constant wetness throughout the day using a pad. By using menstrual cups, you can avoid such problems. Here’s how:

  • The menstrual cups are very flexible, and your movement is not restricted.
  • Once set right, the cup stays in place by suction, and hence, there is no leakage.
  • You can sleep peacefully without worrying about staining because the cup stays in place.
  • Rashes and irritation will not bother you anymore as the private parts remain dry and clean.

Flexibility and No-restriction even during Periods

menstrual cup lets you forget about periods altogether. It depends upon the cup size and your flow to estimate how long you can wear the cup at a stretch. If the menstrual cup used is in the right size, you can wear it from 8-12 hours, depending on the flow. You can keep all restrictions at bay with the perfect menstruation cup for you.

Want to know which menstrual cup is best for you? Here’s how you can choose:

1. Menstrual cups come in three sizes-small, medium, and large. Choose the size, considering the flow of your period.

2. Look for cups made from Silicone and are soft and flexible enough.

3. Go through the feedback of users of different brands to find out which is known for their quality of the material to make an informed choice.

4. For teenagers and virgins, starting with a small cup is wise to ease into the process. The medium cup is ideal for teenagers and virgins with heavy flow.

Any menstrual cup can hold three times more fluid than pads or tampons, so do the calculation accordingly.

Lower Cost in the long run

Many consider menstrual cups expensive, but in the long run, they are more affordable. One cup can last for 5-6 years if cleaned and stored hygienically. It is cost-effective considering the usage you get out of one such product—no need to worry about your monthly expense on tampons or pads any longer.


A menstrual cup will last for years if you take good care with its usage. However, there are disposable cups as well, so make sure you check the label carefully while buying a menstrual cup. They are environment-friendly as they do not contribute to landfill waste like tampons and pads.

No Odour

You need not worry about foul odor wafting out at the most unusual moment. If you are stalling plans to go out during these days, worrying about the smell, you can keep aside such worries forever by switching to menstrual cups.

Pads and Tampons have an embarrassing odor when used for long hours. There is no such problem with menstrual cups as the fluid does not come in contact with the air.

Less Visit to the Drugstore

Pads and tampons are necessities that call for a monthly visit to the drugstore. You can reuse the menstrual cup every month and this can be done for quite a few years. After every period, you can clean and sanitize the cup and store it away till subsequent use no more headaches about running out of pads or having to tolerate unsolicited staring at the drugstore.

Easy to Use

A common question among newbies is How to use a menstrual cup? which is understandable. Using menstrual cups is very easy Once inserted, it will form a seal inside the vagina and prevent leakage. Those who have experience with using birth controls like female condoms will find using menstrual cups easier.

Pads are very uncomfortable and often get misplaced or rolls on one side. Menstrual cups are more comfortable because of how easily they can be inserted, which is why many women gladly convert to these cups eventually.

Suitable for all ages

The menstrual cup is suitable for all age groups and even for women post-delivery. They are available in different sizes, and you can easily find the sizing chart from the manufacturer to choose the right size. 

So, these are the amazing benefits of menstrual cup You can check the size chart for menstrual cups here.

Menstrual cups are readily available in India today. The awareness about the menstrual cup overgrows. As a result, the shift towards these cups is noteworthy. Try it once, keeping the factors mentioned above in mind, and we can assure you that you will not regret it.

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