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Five Life Lessons Learned From Menstruation

Five Life Lessons Learned From Menstruation

Menstruation days are the most annoying days of woman’s life but as we say bad times teaches the best lessons of life and so is with period days, here are our some of the most relatable 5 life lessons from having a period:

Your family is your first friend

The biggest struggle of having a period is to share this information with family. Menstrual days let you understand that communication is the only key to remove discomfort among family members. It’s understandable that you’re hesitant to share this information but, the information of your first period must be communicated with at least one adult in your household. You might simply take the person aside and explain it clearly, such as this: “Today was my first period. Do you believe you might assist me in obtaining some supplies?”

Go with the flow

We mean it both literally and metaphorically. Trying to avoid our monthly cycle adds to our misery and dissatisfaction. It’s fine if your body craves a run, a calm yoga, or simply some rest while bleeding. Adapting your day and plans to how you’re feeling will assist you in supporting your body throughout your period and life. It’s fine to say no if something isn’t working for you. Yes, these swings in body and moods are normal, adapt to the situation and go with the flow.

Asking for help is cool

It’s difficult to ask for assistance, especially when you’re on your period. We’re continuously fighting against a slew of stereotypes! Periods aren’t embarrassing and don’t make us weak. Asking for help not only ensures that you receive the assistance you require but also informs those around you on how they may best support you. Plus, someone else may find the guts to seek assistance as well!

Applicator-free tampons are perfect for hiding everywhere in case of emergencies

When you’re in critical need of organic tampons, being stranded without them is unpleasant – and those wadded-up toilet paper alternatives are inconvenient and ineffective. We prefer to have a couple of applicator-free tampons in each bag, as well as in our car glove compartments, pockets, and other places. They’re small, light, and compact, so they’ll fit just about everywhere. Some of us on the team might even have one in the coin purse part of our wallets.

Being ashamed of being human is a waste of time

It’s easier said than done, but we don’t have to be afraid or ashamed of our bodies. It is entirely up to you how you handle your body hair, menstruation, and other normal bodily cycles. This is especially true when it comes to periods and accompanying “odors.” It’s only you who can smell it, and they’re vital for keeping us informed about our health.

The ridiculousness of making us feel anxious about our period odors as well as adding possibly dangerous chemicals and perfumes in period products is the worst. In a nutshell, never apologize for being yourself and for having wants.


It’s the true power of being open and vulnerable. Okay, so it’s not quite a life lesson, but our bodies’ strength and potential astound us. We may better appreciate and cherish our bodies by becoming more aware of their potential and knowing about their natural cycles. It’s far too brief to not enjoy it. It happens to almost every girl at some point in her life. It can happen when you aren’t at home, and you won’t be able to change straight away. Change your pads and tampons regularly to avoid any staining problem, and have extras in your backpack or locker.

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