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Explore the Best Menstrual Cup That Makes Life Comfortable for Beginners During the Most Difficult Days

Explore the Best Menstrual Cup That Makes Life Comfortable for Beginners During the Most Difficult Days

The menstrual cup comes as a big relief for females when it comes to dealing with their periods. The period days bring different experiences for different females. For some, it is like a nightmare and some pass the days comfortably. There are no set parameters for it but one thing is for sure, using the right menstrual hygiene products during the most important days of the month is inevitable. It is something that has to be taken care of and a lot of thought must be put into it before going for menstrual hygiene products. The menstrual cups with all the benefits are easily available and you can buy menstrual cups online as well as from the market, but which one to choose from the plethora of options available becomes an important question.

Looking at some of the critical questions like what material is used in its production, how to use a menstrual cup, how comfortable it can be, or how long it can remain in good conditions we can make our choices from the options available.

Gynocup Menstrual Cups

GynoCup is an option that should be your top priority as it makes menstrual care more accessible to women. The best part about it is that it is made in India, is eco-friendly, and is sustainable. It is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, and thus can be worn by women of all age groups. The best product is available in the market to combat your periods as it does not cause any bad odor, allergies, irritation, or discomfort and makes life easy. 12-long hours of complete protection and no worries to change. It can be your best buddy for 10-12 years if maintained as advised. Maintained the trust of its customers for years, and has maintained a huge clientele. You can easily buy a menstrual cup online as it is available on all top sites.

Prominent Features of the Gynocup Menstrual Cup:

  • Made with 100% soft medical-grade silicone that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Capable of creating a strong vacuum that prevents leakage
  • One of the safest investments you can make
  • Prevents bacterial growth and prevents infections
  • Approved by FDA

Sanfe Menstrual Cups

The brand was founded in the year 2018 and has been successful in providing a safe product with unique USPs to women across India. Sanfe menstrual cups are comfortable, rash-free, natural & organic, and are made keeping in mind the environment. They are made with medical-grade silicone, latex, and rubber, which makes them super comfortable to use and does not cause any allergies. They are reusable and can stand the test of time for up to 10 years. Their design makes them unique as they are bell-shaped with a stem.

Prominent Features of the Sanfe Menstrual Cup:

  • Made with medical-grade silicone, approved by the experts
  • They are packed in a breathable cotton pouch to keep them in the best state
  • These super-gentle cups are friendly for first-time users
  • They can be reused for up to ten years

Pee Safe Menstrual Cups

Pee safe are sustainable and reusable menstrual cups that are great for managing your periods. These menstrual cups are a great value for your money as they can be used for up to five years, which is a long time when compared to other menstrual hygiene products. Peesafe is made with medical-grade silicone, which makes it free from harmful toxins and is great for your health and skin. This cup can work for up to 12 hours, in case of scanty or moderate flow but in case of extreme flow, it can still work for 6-7 hours without causing any leakages. It is a great option for first-time users so they do not have to worry about how to use a menstrual cup.

Prominent Features of the Peesafe Menstrual Cup:

  1. It is recyclable and thus great for the environment
  2. It is reusable and can last for at least 5 years.
  3. It does not contain toxins, chemicals, and artificial fragrances making it a safe product
  4. Can be a great option for beginners

Sirona reusable menstrual Cup

Sirona reusable menstrual cups are one of the most trusted brands in India due to their exceptional performance during the periods. It is made up of super soft material that provides maximum comfort to women and caters to all age groups as they are available in three sizes-small, medium, and large. is one of the most trusted brands in India. This menstrual cup is available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. You can go on with this for almost 8-10 hours keeping you safe from irritation, menstrual odor, itching, rashes, and dryness. Sirona is selling its products everywhere so you can buy menstrual cups online.

Prominent Features of the Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup:

  • Made up of high-quality silicone keeps you away from leaks and other skin issues
  • Protect you for 8-10 hours at a stretch
  • They can be used for Up to 15 years
  • Comes with four air holes for easy removal

Silky Cup

Silky Cup is a good option to explore the world of menstrual hygiene products and you do not have to worry about how to use a menstrual cup. They are ISO-Certified products and come with a plethora of benefits for women that make daily chores and activities easy for them. These are soft and are perfect for the use of beginners who have not explored menstrual cups before. It keeps females safe from skin allergies and rashes and makes life easy for women.

Prominent Features of the Silky Cup Menstrual Cup:

  • These are produced with thermoplastic elastomer
  • It doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort during period days
  • It can perfectly fit females of all age-groups
  • It can retain more period blood than other menstrual hygiene products

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