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Do Menstrual Cups Affect Your Virginity?

Do Menstrual Cups Affect Your Virginity?

Does Menstrual Cup Break Virginity?

Are you confused about whether does menstrual cup breaks virginity, if you use a menstrual cup? Don’t worry; you can find your answers here. Popping the cherry is a considerable matter in many cultures, and many people often judge women based on their virginity. This can be a lot of pressure on girls, especially those who have recently started menstruating.

Some women misunderstand that because they are a virgin, they cannot use the menstrual cup. Thus, they do not buy menstrual cups online either. But this is not true as anyone can use a menstrual cup.

We understand the thinking, and we respect your view of intercourse. For some people, it is essential to maintain virginity. Thus we are here to clear does menstrual cup breaks virginity and all the questions you are having about menstrual care.

As much as it is essential to maintain your virginity, it is equally important to care about your hygiene during menstruation. You can maintain it more nicely when you use different menstrual care products.

Some common misconception in people

Most women think if they have an intact hymen, it means they are virgins. This is the reason why they fear looking for a menstrual cup to maintain their hygiene. But not many people know this concept has a very big flaw. The menstrual cup interferes with the hymen only to the same extent a tampon does. In fact, many people break their hymen by doing yoga, riding a bike, dancing, or even in everyday life. There are other misconceptions as well, as the following:

The hymen entirely seal the vagina

This statement is a big misconception. The hymen is a covering on top of your vagina, but it does not completely seal it. It is essential to understand that it only covers half of the vagina. So when the person starts menstruating, there is a way for the fluid to pass out of the vagina. Supposedly, if the hymen covered the opening of the vagina completely, the person would not have been able to menstruate.

Hymens of different persons are the same

Another misconception is that hymen of different persons are the same. But the fact is the hymen of one woman may not be of the same size as the hymen of another woman. The membrane can also have different shapes. Some may cover more parts of the vagina, the others less. Some people are born with a smaller hymen, meaning it doesn’t cover many areas, and some even without it. You can choose between a small or large cup depending on your hymen’s size.

You need to rip the hymen for using a menstrual cup

The statement is not at all correct. As we said earlier, the hymen does not cover the vagina completely. So it is not necessary to break the hymen. It is very elastic if your body feels comfortable. Thus, when you insert the period product, you can simply push it past the hymen without affecting it.
A lot of myths are there which will tell you that using a menstrual cup is not safe. But when everything becomes clear, the idea of buying a menstrual cup looks more beneficial isn’t it?

Advantages of using a menstrual cup

The following are the points that show why it is essential to use a menstrual cup. They are:

  • They are affordable
  • It holds more blood than tampons or pads
  • It’s safer and healthier than tampons
  • It is better for the environment than tampons or pads
  • You can wear a menstrual cup with an IUD
  • for more info about menstrual cup click here.

With so many benefits, every woman would want to have a menstrual cup for themselves. So look for menstrual cup prices in India now and buy it for yourself.

How to choose the perfect menstrual cup?

If you are interested in buying the safest menstrual cup, you can choose according to the menstrual cup size guide. However, there are a lot of brands available online; you can choose them from there based on your hymen size. Mostly the menstrual cup comes in two sizes that are small and large.  

To figure what is the perfect size for you, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Your cervix’s length
  • Your age
  • The cup’s capacity
  • Whether you have a heavy flow
  • Flexibility and firmness of the cup
  • Strength of your pelvic muscle
How to use the menstrual cup: Step by Step process

Before looking for a menstrual cup, where to buy it, you must know how to insert a menstrual cup safely. Once you feel comfortable and safe, you will not feel the process daunting anymore.

Many diseases develop because of poor menstrual hygiene. So you must change your period experience by buying a menstrual cup online in, India as it is more hygienic, fresher, and comfortable.
The following are some tips that will help you push the cup carefully:

Step1: First, press the sides and try to fold it in a tight U-shape. Or you can also place a finger on top of the opening and push it into the middle of the inside base. This makes the cup smaller and easier to insert.

Menstrual Cup Folds


Step 2: Secondly, hold the folded sides in between your thumb and forefinger in such a way that the curved edge faces away from your palm.

Step 3: Sit in a squatting position, relax your muscles and gently press the labia and try to push the folded curved edge horizontally into your vagina. The position must be such that the bottom of the cup is inside the vagina about only half an inch.

Step 4: To remove, reach the base of the cup using your thumb and forefinger. Pinch the base to release the seal and pull it down to remove it also, you can know about how to clean & sterilize menstrual cup.

So, this is the complete answer of does menstrual cup breaks virginity or not. vagina is highly flexible and can stretch to a great extent. So when you insert the menstrual cup inside your vagina, it does not change the shape or size of your vagina. Moreover, once you start using the cup regularly, you will understand the process and will not face any difficulty later.

There are different ranges of products to maintain the hygiene of different parts of the body. You can use these menstrual care products to keep your vagina healthy and fresh always. So without any further delay, check the menstrual cup price in india now.

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