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Can The Menstrual Cup Loose Your Vagina?

Can The Menstrual Cup Loose Your Vagina?

Does Menstrual Cup Breaks Virginity

The most common question is, will my menstrual cup lose my vagina? or does menstrual cup breaks virginity? There are thousands of queries and myths about menstrual cups. Women are worried about their vagina it’s a common thing, to be honest. We understand that it’s a part of self-care, we’ll clear all your doubts, hers don’t worry.

As a woman, when I heard of menstrual cups. My question was the same- how to use it, will I lose my virginity or not, will it harm my hymen or not. Or is it gonna lose my vagina?

Can A Virgin Use A Menstrual Cup?

Yes, they use a menstrual cup. They have to educate themselves a little because they might need smaller menstrual cups for their vagina. Try before using it for periods and be relaxed while you try a menstrual cup because tension can make the process harder. Virgin should use lubricants for insertion if it is causing trouble without it.

Will I Lose My Virginity If I Use A Menstrual Cup?

There is a lot of confusion about losing virginity from a menstrual cup. But in short, No using a menstrual cup will not make you lose your virginity. Having intercourse is the only way to lose your virginity. These two things couldn’t be more different.

The hymen protects your vagina, which is a thin tissue that coats the vagina. Some people were born without hymen as well. Hymen can easily break before you even get your periods during bike riding, sports, and different activities. A person may be a virgin but not have a hymen, that is also a very normal lady.

Is It Possible That The Menstrual Cup Will Get Lost Inside Me?

When it’s your first time ever using a menstruation cup. It might be possible that you feel nothing inside your cervix or you think the menstrual cup is lost inside you but it can’t pass through your cervix. You can put a menstrual cup inside your vagina for 12 hours, and for the first time, you have to wait for it to fill up. Or you can change whenever you feel like doing it.

For a virgin, it can feel different and uncomfortable for the first time. You might think about how we are going to pee and poop. Let me tell you that you can pee easily while having a menstrual cup inside you, there might be a problem with poop but you can manage that when you get used to it.

The Menstrual Cup Will Stretch My Vagina – NO

There are myths that a menstrual cup will loosen your vagina. But studies show that our vagina is elastic, flexible.
When you put two or three fingers inside your vagina you will feel soft and watery. Your vagina will make space for your fingers. And when you remove them, vaginal walls will be back as they were before, similarly when you put a menstrual cup inside you. Your vagina will make space for it and after periods when you remove your menstrual cup it will be back where it was.

Your vagina is flexible, adjustable, and elastic. It will not expand because of a menstrual cup. Or if you think your vagina will expand because of sexual intercourse that is also a myth because our vagina is fixable and heals in time. So, keep your thoughts straight.

Do Menstrual Cups Hurt Virgins?

Maybe or maybe not, that depends on you. When you insert a menstrual cup it can irritate your vaginal area but it’s just for virgins that’s why scientists say, you should use watery lubricant for insertion and they should practice before using it during periods.

Final Thoughts

It’s your body and it’s your choice to use them or not. You should be comfortable with them. And it’s okay to have a lot of queries about a menstrual cup because it goes inside our vagina. And as a woman, we all worry a little about our vagina.

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