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Below Age 20 or Not Married? What Menstrual Cup Size Will Fit You.

Below Age 20 or Not Married? What Menstrual Cup Size Will Fit You.

Menstrual Cup Teenagers

menstrual cup for teenagers Teenage is a thrilling time for a being, you go through so much in life. You encounter gender realities during this age, and try to determine which would be the right age to do different experiences.

You also have your first period during this time, and you immediately start hating it. But start wondering what would be the right age for menstrual cup usage. If you are below age 20 or not married then you are on the right page.

You are here too, looking for the same answer, which is the best menstrual cup for teens, size of the menstrual cup for you. We’ll answer all your questions related to period cups for teenagers. We’ll also tell you which menstrual cups are best for teens.

Let’s start

First Understand Menstrual Size Criteria.

Most commonly menstrual cups come in two sizes but some companies offer only three. A limited number of companies provide additional choices that are specialized including “low cervix” sizes.

The most frequent choice is “small” and “medium”, out of which a menstrual cup for teenagers has suggested the small menstrual cup size.

Although there isn’t a sizing standard you can anticipate that these companies size their smalls anywhere from 35-43 mm and the bigger sizes about 43 mm- 48mm in diameter at the lip of the menstrual cup for more info about menstrual cup size guide click here.

When in Doubt, Size up. Why?

Because your vagina was intended to expand and accept anything… items of proportions around the diameter of cups or bigger. And also MUCH bigger like a baby’s head.

What it’s not excellent at doing is clamping itself around a cup that is too narrow that wants to slide down during wear… you can’t make a cup that’s too tiny to fit remain in place. But for a teenage girl like you, you would mostly require a small-sized menstrual cup.

Your period cup for the menstrual cup is a decisive moment, as you will have to use it for a few years at least before switching. When you experience your first period, that is the right time to use a menstrual cup and the right age as well.

If You Are Below 20 or Teenagers What Size Can Use.

Yes, you need a menstrual cup, as it is the new trend that is eco-friendly and effective during your period cycle. If you are below 20, you should use a small menstrual cup, some girls are sexually active as well, so for them, it depends on how regular you are. If you have a loose vagina then you can go for the medium size as well. But the majority of teenagers just need the smaller one and that is the right size menstrual cup for you.

Your flow is also a matter of concern, you will require a larger size if you are bleeding heavily, teenagers are mostly with heavy flow, that’s what studies suggest. You can go for large but it might end up creating too much pressure on your vaginal walls as it would be bigger in size. The right age for you to use a menstrual cup is when you are responsible enough to know which size you can fit in.

Know About How To Use Menstrual Cup

If You Are Above 20 or Married What Size Can Use.


Your cervix height is perhaps one of the most significant things you should consider while selecting a menstrual cup. Check your cervix around or during your menstruation, when it will be the lowest in the body. If you have a low cervix then the smaller one will fit you better and if you are a married, sexually active woman then a medium to large size menstrual cup will do the job for you.

How to determine cervix height before purchasing a menstrual cup

High – If your finger is in all the way and you can’t feel your cervix, you have a high cervix.

Medium – If your finger is entered up to the second knuckle and you can feel your cervix.

Low – If you can only touch it inside your first knuckle.

If You Have A Higher Cervix

A larger menstrual cup is more appropriate for you. If you use a short menstrual cup, it may ride up over the course of the day, and you may find it difficult to remove because it is deeper in your vaginal canal. The Lily Cup is one of the longest cups available, and is excellent if you have a high cervix!

This one is for old and married women.

For Low cervix ladies

If you have a lower cervix, a shorter cup is excellent for you! If you use a cup that’s too long, the base of the cup may poke out of your vagina, which is extremely unpleasant.

This one is for young girls below 20 years old. So, a small menstrual cup will be best for a teenager in most cases.


If you’re presently using disposables, how frequently do you have to replace your pad or tampon? Usually, tampon boxes include an absorbency rating with an estimate of various sizes’ capacity.

You may compare the capacity of the typical tampons you use, with the capacity of the menstrual cup. For example, if you use one super tampon with 12ml capacity for 3 hours, you may use a menstrual cup with 25ml capacity for an anticipated 6 hours!

That means, even if you are a young teenager or working woman, your flow will determine the right size of the menstrual cup for you.


If you have bladder problems, such as a sensitive bladder, you don’t want a very firm cup. A hard cup may put pressure on your bladder and give you the sensation of continuously having to urinate.

Cups with very prominent rims are also not recommended, because the rim tends to push on the bladder rather forcefully, which can be very uncomfortable for a tighter vagina, usually for teenagers.

A softer cup is preferable for teenagers below age 20 years because it will not push on the bladder painfully.

The GynoCup Soft is a wonderful soft cup intended for bladder sensitivity. The bigger menstrual cup is a sturdy cup that’s ideal for busy lives!


You can be a young girl or an old lady, you are going to use a sanitary option for your personal hygiene. So, it is best advised to buy a perfectly sized menstrual cup for you. If You Are Below 20 or a Teenager, then you should go for a smaller size and If You Are Above 20 or Not Married, then you will be more comfortable with the larger size or medium-sized one if you have a low cervix too. Choose, learn and grow.

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