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Avoid These 7 Mistakes For Healthy & Safe Vagina

Avoid These 7 Mistakes For Healthy & Safe Vagina

Tips For How To Keep Vagina Healthy

In this blog, you will know how to keep vagina healthy in this busy time many women want to know about how to maintain vaginal health and how to have a healthy vagina. Don’t worry here you will get all answers to read the complete blog. taking care of your health is very important but with the kind of life, we are leading it has become difficult to manage time as well as our health.

According to an old saying ‘Health is wealth’ but when it comes to menstrual hygiene and health then we should be extra cautious. With the changing times and the people opening up about menstrual hygiene it becomes easier to put forward the cons of an unhealthy lifestyle and inappropriate menstrual hygiene. People do not treat talking about menstrual hygiene as a social taboo anymore and are ready to follow what is good for their vaginal health.

Raising awareness about vaginal health is very important as it is as important as taking a bath every day and one should not ignore it at any cost. With access to clean water and many other products available in the market, it is easy to answer how to keep your vagina healthy.

The mistakes that we should avoid for a healthy and safe vagina

Avoid Touching With A Dirty Hand

Our private parts are very sensitive and are prone to infections. So it is imperative to avoid touching your private parts with dirty hands as it is an open invitation to bacteria and viruses that can cause infection. This is a very basic but important thing to remember if you are looking for an answer to the question of how to maintain vaginal health. You should always clean your hands thoroughly before touching the vagina.

Pee After Sex

Pee after sex? Sure about it? Yes! It is very important that you pee after sex as it can save you from Urinary tract infections. There are possibilities that while intercourse, bacteria may be left in your vagina, and peeing after sex gives you an opportunity to get rid of them and also give you time to clean yourself.

Wear Cotton Undergarments

It is always good to wear undergarments that are breathable and so the best is to have cotton ones. It allows the air to pass through avoiding moisture due to sweating that can promote bacterial growth. This can lead to infections, so if you want your vagina to stay happy and healthy then make it a habit to wear breathable fabrics and also change it daily.

Do Not Use Scented Products

The good odor attracts everyone but if it is for the sake of your vaginal health then avoid anything that has a scented smell or strong odor like scented soaps, sprays, toilet papers, pads, or tampons. These can disturb the pH balance of your private part that can be the cause of leading infections like chlamydia. Moreover, they can also cause irritation so it is always good to go with herbal products or the ones that are chemical-free like GynoCup natural intimate wipes that are soft and comfortable to use, are hypoallergenic, do not contain alcohol, and are safe for skin. want to use GynoCup intimate wipes click here for more info.

Change Your Pads And Tampons

It is a very common issue that needs to be addressed as it is the root cause of many infections and health issues amongst women. It is very important to change your pads and tampons every six hours irrespective of the fact that it gets wet or not. It causes infections and itchiness and can also cause serious health hazards as they are laden with chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful ingredients. So, the question arises how to keep the vagina healthy with pads and tampons? The best way is to switch to a Gynocup menstrual cup. They do not contain harmful chemicals and are absolutely safe to use. check menstrual cup price here

Practice Safe Sex

It is essential to use protection like condoms while having sex. Practicing safe sex not only saves you from unwanted pregnancy but from infections and sexually transmitted diseases that can have very bad consequences even leading to infertility.

Avoid Shaving Pubic Hair

Many of us are in the habit of cleaning our pubes as we consider it dirty but the fact is that it is the pubic hair that acts as a shield and saves us from bacteria that can further cause infections. A little trimming is not harmful but getting rid of them completely is definitely not a good idea.

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