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The Hymen, Virginity and the Menstrual Cup – What You Need To Know

The Hymen, Virginity and the Menstrual Cup – What You Need To Know
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In most cultures around the world, Virginity is equated with honor, worth, and purity. As a result, women shy away from speaking openly about the concept of virginity. 

Exactly how many of us today have an in-depth idea about Virginity, Hymen, and Menstruation? According to a survey published by NDTV, only 12% of the population is familiar with the concepts. 

The unnecessary stigma around Virginity needs to stop for once and all.

So, when will the real change take place?

Only when both women and men of our society show willingness to understand the concepts of Hymen, Virginity, and Menstruation. 

Through this Blog, our team at  GynoCup has strived to get a clear picture of Hymen, Virginity, and Menstruation.

Keep reading!

Understand The Concept Of Virginity:

It is funny how people have a concept that the virginity of a woman is linked with a membrane of her vagina. A person who didn’t have sexual intercourse is termed as a virgin as per society. However, virginity doesn’t have any absolute definition. Let us talk about the myths related to the hymen for understanding the concept better.

Myths About The Hymen: 

  1. Hymen Seals The Vagina Completely: Absolute myth! A Hymen doesn’t seal a Vagina completely because if this would’ve been the scenario then women would experience Periods only after having sex or losing virginity. But virgins do menstruate, right? The Hymen is just a membrane that is placed in the opening of a Vagina covering it partially and not fully. 
  1. The Hymen Doesn’t Need To Be Popped: The act of “popping the cherry” has nothing to do with sex. It is weird when people say that hymen breaks only when you indulge in sexual intercourse. It’s not completely true. It is possible to engage in sexual activity without the Hymen being broken. Hymen can undergo wear and tear due to other reasons as well.  If you are into sports or any kind of rigorous exercise like gymnastics, horseback riding and cycling, the Hymen can gradually stretch or thin over time. On the flip side, some women are born without a Hymen.


can a virgin use menstrual cup

Now that we have a decent understanding of Hymen, we can move forward to Menstruation. Although it is a normal biological phenomenon, women still feel shy or ashamed to talk about it in public openly.

What is Menstruation? 

Menstruation commonly known as period among millennial women is nothing but normal vaginal fluid extracts happening every month. It prepares the woman’s body for reproduction. The menstrual fluid contains partly blood and partly tissues for more info about the menstruation cycle.

does using menstrual cup breaks hymen

Now let us clear the confusion of you being a virgin and using menstrual cups.

Can virgins use menstrual cups?

Your virginity has nothing to do with menstrual cups! The concept of virginity varies from nation to nation. In most cultures, virginity is associated with an intact hymen. Unfortunately, it is just a misconception. Hymen can get torn for a multitude of reasons. In addition, many girls are born without hymen. In reality, a lady is referred to as a virgin only if she has never engaged in sexual intercourse. Hence, wearing a Menstrual Cup won’t impact your virginity.

Menstrual Cup

However, it is completely an individual’s decision whether they want to switch to Menstrual Cups.

Benefits Of Using a Menstrual Cup:

What are the benefits of using a menstrual cup? 

  • Cost-effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reusable
  • Chemical-free
  • Safer and better
  • Odourless & Leak-free
  • Longer Usage

Benefits of Menstrual Cup

How to insert and remove a menstrual cup?

First time using a menstrual cup? Confused about how to insert and remove one? Don’t worry! We have got you covered. 

It is necessary to follow a certain procedure and hygiene when you are using a menstrual cup for the first time. Follow the process below for inserting the menstrual cup successfully:

How To Insert Menstrual Cup

Step 1Based on your comfort, choose any 1 of the 3 folds. 

a) C-Fold:

  • Use your index finger and thumb to press the sides of the Menstrual  Cup together.
  •  Fold the Menstrual Cup to form a C-shape/ U-shape.

 b) Push Down Fold:

  •  Press down the rim of the cup and insert it into the center of the base.

 c) 7 Fold: 

  • Use your index finger and thumb to press the sides of the Menstrual Cup together.
  • Diagonally fold the right side of the cup and gently bring it towards the base so that it looks like “7”.

Step 2: Sit in a squatting position to relax your vaginal muscles.

Step 3: Use your other hand to separate the outer labia and insert the C-shaped folded Menstrual Cup into the vaginal opening at a 45° angle.

Step 4: Ensure whether the stem of the Menstrual Cup is within 1/2 inch of your vagina.

Now that we know how to insert a menstrual cup for the first time, you must be eager to know how to remove it. 

How To Remove Menstrual Cup

Here are our pro tips on how to remove a Menstrual Cup:

Step 1: Squat on the floor to relax your vaginal muscles.

Step 2: Insert your index finger and thumb inside the vaginal canal to reach for the Menstrual Cup stem.

Step 3: Go slightly above, locate the base of the Menstrual Cup and pinch this part to release the suction seal.

Step 4: Gently pull the Menstrual Cup downwards to prevent spillage.

Step 5: Empty your menstrual fluids from the Menstrual Cup in the toilet.

What are the disadvantages of using a Menstrual Cup? 

  • Insertion and removal of Menstrual Cups can be difficult. However, it will take you 2-3 menstrual cycles to get familiar with the process. 
  • It is challenging to find the right fit. Eventually, with little trial & error, you will end up with the right Menstrual Cup size to help you manage your menstrual flow. 
  • Removal of Menstrual Cups can be a messy task. Nevertheless, with practice, you can easily learn the method. 


Ladies, it is time to ward off all your worries regarding Hymen and Virginity. Give menstrual cups a try for a hassle-free and healthy period!

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