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How to Clean and Care For your Menstrual Cup

How to Clean and Care For your Menstrual Cup
If you are sure of adding a menstrual cup to your kitty of menstrual hygiene products then you can easily buy menstrual cup online and start your routine of having a safe and hygienic period. All you need to do is to comprehend the way it should be taken care of if you are using a menstrual cup. It is a simple product without any fuss that can make your life easy and your periods comfortable for the rest of your life and that is what every girl wants, right? So, once you get a hold of it then the first thing you should be aware of is to keep your menstrual cup clean and hygienic to keep you safe and increase the life of your menstrual cup.
Let’s start with understanding the things that are a strict no-no when you are cleaning the menstrual cup.

Some of the products that should be off your list of cleaning agents are:

  • Soap that is scented, oil-based or antibacterial.
  • baking soda
  • bleach
  • dishwashing soaps or liquid
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • rubbing alcohol
  • vinegar

The Initial process of cleaning a menstrual cup

The initial process of cleaning starts with sterilizing the cup before use. Your menstrual cup needs a thorough cleaning before the first use. For that, you must clean your hands with a hand wash so that the surface of your cup does not encounter any bacteria or germs from your hands. Take your menstrual cup and wash it with menstrual cup wash to make it thoroughly clean. If you do not have a menstrual cup wash then it is best to sterilize it by boiling it in a pan of water.

How to sterilize the cup?

Put the cup in a pot of boiling water and let it boil for 2-5 minutes to get rid of all the impurities and germs. The only thing you need to keep in mind is, pan should have enough water so that the cup gets fully submerged in the pan to avoid getting burnt by sticking to the bottom of it. There is no other way to sterilize your cup so it is important that you should carry at least two cups while travelling for long periods when you do not have any facility for boiling it so that you can switch it between uses.

Day-to-day cleaning of the cup

For day-to-day cleaning of the cup, you need to empty the content of the cup in a sink. After this, rinse it with clean water. You can use a menstrual cup wash also to clean it. A soap would also work if it is oil-free, fragrance-free, mild and has a pH between 3.5 and 5.5.

Cleaning the cup while travelling

If you are travelling, a female intimate wash is very essential and so is  a menstrual cup wash and a bottle of water. You can easily clean your cup while travelling with a cleanser and water but if you do not have the cleanser then you can just pour the content of the cup in a sink or toilet, rinse it with water and wipe it with a clean tissue. The thing that you need to remember is every time you touch your cup make sure that your hands are clean or sanitized.

How to clean the cup in a public restroom?

It is best to carry your bottle of water while you are on your period and wear a menstrual cup. Avoid cleaning your menstrual cup in a public sink. Empty the content of your cup and rinse it thoroughly with clean water. Use a clean tissue to thoroughly remove any impurities in the cup and you are ready to use it again.

How to clean the suction holes of the menstrual cup?

  • Keep some warm water ready in a pan
  • Wash your hands.
  • Fill the menstrual cup with warm water.
  • Cover the wide end of the cup by placing your hands on it so that it gets completely covered.
  • It’s time to squeeze the cup so that the water is forced through the suction holes.

    How to store the cup after cleaning?

    It is essential to keep your menstrual cup in a cotton breathable container after cleaning and sterilizing. It is important that after you sterilize your cup, wash your hands thoroughly and take out the cup from the boiling container. Keep it on a clean surface and let it cool and dry off. Now take a breathable cotton pouch to protect it from dirt and germs and allows the flow of air.

    What will happen if it is not cleaned properly?

    Your menstrual cup is your friend for years if you are taking care of it. Moreover, it is inserted into your private parts is very sensitive and can easily catch an infection that can prove to be really dangerous for you. It can also cause irritation, and itching in your private parts. So, it becomes inevitable to not take care of it.

    If your cup is not properly cleaned then there can be a growth of bacteria, and germs. It can have stains, can develop a bad odour, and can get eroded as well. In that case, you need to change your cup more often putting an unnecessary burden on your pocket.

    Ways to clean your menstrual cup

    There are different ways with which you can clean your menstrual cup and stop the growth of bacteria and germs in it. It is very essential to avoid disturbance of your pH balance, irritation, itching, infection or any other health issues. Some of the methods to clean the menstrual cup are discussed below:

    • Cleanse the menstrual cup with clean water after every use.
    • Use a menstrual cup wash to clean your menstrual cup.
    • Use a pH-balanced soap that is sent-free and oil-free to clean the cup.
    • Boil your cup in a pan to sterilize the menstrual cup

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