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Can I Use Menstrual Cup If I have Copper-T?

Can I Use Menstrual Cup If I have Copper-T?

Things to consider while pairing a Copper-T with a Menstrual Cup

Everything about copper t and menstrual cup If you thought the stigma around birth control wasn’t enough, brace yourself for a whole new theory the menstruating populace has to deal with. Many are led to believe an IUD and a Menstrual cup is a match made in hell and needs to be avoided at any cost even when medical science suggests otherwise. This dichotomy gives rise to doubts and instills fear, thus refraining them to try out the combination for themselves and prove it a myth.

What is an IUD after all?

IUD or Intrauterine Device is a common emergency contraception method adopted by those in their reproductive phase. It is considered safe, sustainable, and more reliable than most other birth control measures.

One such IUD is Copper ‘T’- a plastic and copper device inserted into the uterus clinically. This device, which resembles the letter ‘T’, has a nylon string attached to it which comes out through the cervix and can be felt inside your vagina which confirms the position of the IUD. Once fixed, it can last for around 5-10 years to help avoid unwanted pregnancy.

The hormonal form of IUDs provides relief to heavy flow or other menstrual complications. However, it is to be noted that a Copper T can’t safeguard against STD or Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis B and hence, necessitates the use of a condom for safe sex.

Is it okay to team up a menstrual cup and a Copper-T?

A menstrual cup, on the other hand, is a flexible funnel-shaped cup made of rubber or silicone inserted into the vagina to collect period blood. Considered an eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons, it can be worn as long as 6-10 hours depending on your flow.

A common question that bothers many is whether it’s possible to pair a menstrual cup with a Copper T as they doubt the combination to be inconvenient or painful or even leading to occasional bleeding.
Well, in most cases it is safe to assume that the duo can co-exist if the IUD is positioned in the right manner or if it has not been inserted for too long. However, it is always advisable to consult your physician before settling for it.

What Is The Right Way To Use A Menstrual Cup With A Copper-T?

A menstrual cup and an IUD are quite similar in ways. Both are convenient to use and serve as cost-effective options. Despite this, people may have mixed opinions about their experience of using a menstrual cup and Copper T together. Therefore, in order for them to work harmoniously, here are a couple of factors that need to be considered first.

 Check the length of the string attached to the IUD which needs to be trimmed if it outgrows your cervix area. Ideally, either it should sit inside the cup or above it.

Inserting your cup in the wrong manner may come at the risk of dislodging your device a bit sometimes. To avoid this, feel the base of the cup with your finger to ensure that the string is in place. You know the cup fits correctly when there is a ‘pop’ sound indicating it has unfolded and created a suction to your vaginal walls, thus reducing the chances of dislocation. Place the cup near the vaginal opening for it to sit low there while the Copper T sits in the uterus.

Precautions you can take while using the pair

It is better to take some precautions while using a menstrual cup with a Copper T for mess-free handling:

Keep the menstrual cup away from the string of the Copper T as much as possible.

Remove the cup cautiously by breaking the suction seal. Choose the cup size depending on your cervix as different brands of menstrual cups come in different ranges and qualities. For example, a longer cup is suitable for those with a higher cervix whereas a short cup can ride easily up a lower cervix. Make sure the base of the cup doesn’t stick out of your vagina to avoid discomfort.

How To Remove A Menstrual Cup When You Have A Copper T?

Removing a menstrual cup is easy when done properly following user instructions. Do not try to forcefully remove the menstrual cup as it tends to get tucked deep into your vaginal canal. Instead, grip the base of the cup and pinch it gently for it to release the seal and collapse, leading to a smooth, hassle-free removal.

Be sure with GynoCups

Working your menstrual cup and Copper-T pair is not as difficult as you may think. A little attention to detail coupled with using the right product and you’re all set to rock the combination. Check out our in-house, eco-friendly brand GynoCup- a reusable and leak-proof menstrual cup that collects blood instead of absorbing it which maintains natural vaginal pH. Wearable up to 12 hours at a stretch, it is available in all sizes-small, medium, and large for different age groups and has a seamless fit. So, try GynoCup to breeze through your period days stress-free.

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