Women Glossy Face Razor + Natural Intimate Wipes

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  • Women Face Razor Pack of 1 (Set-3 ).
  • Painless Facial Hair Removal
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Hygienic & safe
  • Natural Intimate Wipes  Pack of 1 (10- Sachet )
  • pH Balanced Formula: pH 3.5*.
  • Alcohol-free.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Safe for Skin.
  • Description

    Women Glossy Face Razor

    GynoCup Smooth Face Razor is a great product that will keep you away from the unwanted hair on your face and make you stand out. It is an end to your struggle with your thick, and dark facial hair boosting your confidence and morale.

    direction of Use:

    Splash water on your face to make it wet
    Remove the safety cup
    Slide the razor with light hands on your face in a downward direction without exerting pressure
    After shaving wipe the face with wet wipes or a wet towel

    Easily disposable and reusable Gynocup Face Razor for Women

    • Lightweight: it’s lightweight design is easy to carry and hold
    • Non-slip grip: Makes it easy to hold and use
    • Great for fine hair: Removes even the finest and most stubborn hair evenly
    • Safety covers: To keep it safe, clean, and hygienic
    • Hasslefree: Easy to use and get smooth skin in minutes
    • Easily Disposable: You can use it and once you are done dispose off it easily
    • Exfoliates – It gently exfoliates dead skin making the skin clean, happy, and bright

    Natural Intimate Wipes

    GYNOCUP™ Natural intimate wipes are soft & freshen. Their cleansing properties help you feel intimate area fresh and clean your intimate area without any hassle. These Wipes are free of Alcohol, Paraben and SLS.
    DIRECTION TO USE: Tear open the sachet, unfold and gently wipe vaginal area from front to back. Dispose in bin after use.
    WHEN TO USE: During menstruation, after urination or anytime you want to be clean and fresh.
    PRECAUTIONS: For external use only, store at room temperature. Stop use if irritation occurs. Keep away from children. Don’t flush wipes.
    Key features:
    pH Balanced Formula: pH 3.5*
    Soft and comfortable use – the wipes are made of natural materials, making them soft to use.
    Skin friendly pH formula – a balanced pH formula ensures that your skin is moisturized.
    Alcohol free – the wipes are 100% alcohol free.
    Hypoallergenic – These wipes are highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.
    Use: Before & After Intimacy, Cleansing of Intimate Area.


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