Intimate Men’s Wash (100ML)

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  • Naturally formulated
  • No chemicals
  • Hygienic & safe
  • Natural active ingredients

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Intimate Wash For Men

Gynocup intimate wash for men your intimate hygiene care. It is imperative when it comes to men’s hygiene. It is natural and relieves the intimate area from itching, irritation, and dryness that can make you feel uncomfortable with the regular use of soap and body washes.

Gynocup natural intimate wash is an Ayurvedic formula with the goodness of Ayurvedic ingredients. It gently cleanses and protects your intimate areas and helps in preserving the natural pH balance of your intimate area, making you feel fresh and hygienic.

The Direction of Use:

Take the Gynocup intimate wash for male onto your palm and gently massage the lather onto your genitals. Rinse it well with water after use. You can use it daily while taking a bath.

Why Gynocup?

Our wash is specially made keeping in mind the pH balance and sensitiveness of the intimate area. It is gentle to use and very effectively cleans your genitals.

It also cleans the residual left behind by the condoms and lubricants after its use. It cleans the residue from condoms or lubricants off your genitals and saves you from infections.

It makes you feel hygienic and provides the ultimate cleansing experience. Your intimate areas require equal attention and care as other parts of your body.

• Eradicate bad odor: Specially formulated to remove unwanted bad odor. It makes the intimate area smooth & moisturizes it.

• A multi-tasker: An all in one product that kills bacteria, fight irritation, itching & maintains pH level
• Filled with the power of nature: Formulated with Tea Tree oil, Lemon oil, Cedarwood oil, Peppermint oil, everything needed for intimate skin.
• Keeps intimate areas clean: Helps in cleansing the intimate area and fresh.
• Free from harmful chemicals: No harmful chemicals like paraben & sulfate involved in the making so free from all side effects and safe for daily use.

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2 reviews for Intimate Men’s Wash (100ML)

  1. Manjeet Singh

    i totally recommed must be used by every men. It removes off the itching and the odor and its anti-bacteria so safe to use.

  2. Pratik

    Gynocup is the best intimate wash for men i use this product nice product

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