GynoCup Disposable Stand & Pee Female Urination Device (20 Units)

349.00 199.00

Rs. 50/- Extra off on Online Payment

  • Pack of 20 disposable funnels.
  • Stand and urinate, no more dirty toilets.
  • Specially Designed for Females.
  • Hygienic: No Spillage or Splash-back.
  • Waterproof coated paper.
  • Use & throw after single use.
  • Contact-less Delivery on Online payments.


GynoCup Female reusable urination device allows women’s of all ages to stand and urinate with its unique designed funnel – when you don’t want to sit on an unfriendly toilets. A must have device for hospital and medical needs, highways and outdoor, railway and metro as well as public toilets. First portable, reusable female urination device for women using which women can stand and urinate in all public and common toilets. It is a revolutionary product for women who hate dirty toilets when travelling fights or train or highways for work or leisure treks, marathons, road trips, events or those with medical condition joint pains or pregnancy. Using Pee device you can simple stand and pee and avoid all UTIs or infections or yucky experiences at dirty toilets. It comes with simple open place pee throw instructions and is very convenient to use with no spills. Now use and throw pee device and stay away from infections, UTI. No more wiping of seat, no more squats, no more holding it in.

How to Use

Open: Open the Box $ Gently take out the product
Place: Move your panties aside, place the wider end of the re-usable funnel between your legs
Pee: Bend a little ensure that the funnel is tilted downwards.
Throw: Dispose off in the bin

3 reviews for GynoCup Disposable Stand & Pee Female Urination Device (20 Units)

  1. Amrita Arora

    I tried this product after I saw it on social media. Now I can stand up and don't have to sit on those dirty toilets. I have recommended it to all the women that I work with. Thank you for a very well made product.

  2. Veronica

    VERY HANDY! It's spill proof and amazing whenever you don't want to sit (port-a-potty or some dirty toilet that someone sprayed all over). I literally felt like I was peeing like a man. HAHAHA!

  3. Seerat Khan

    Writing this after having used my first pack. So i ordered this and received a pack of 20 funnels. I am a working woman and have to travel to use public toilets (which are rarely clean). Finally i don't have to sit on those its is really simple to use. The size is universal and fits easily. Once fitted, you can easily pee. It is waterproof so doesn't get wet and there was no spillage either. Keeps everything hygienic. Just pee and throw after use. Highly recommended for women who need to use public toilets.

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