GynoCup + Menstrual Cup Wash (100 ML) + Wipes

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Kit Includes: 

  • Menstrual Cup – (1 Units)
  • Menstrual Cup Wash (1 Units X 100ml)
  • Natural Intimate Wipes (1 Units X 10 wipes)
  • 100% Cotton Cup Carrying Pouch


  • Soft, comfortable & convenient.
  • Transparent & High Quality
  • Hygienic: Leak-free & Odorless.
  • More time: Wearable up to 12 hours.
  • 100% Medical-grade silicone.
  • Contact-less Delivery on Online payments.
  • Reusable up to 10 Years
  • Made in India
  • FDA Approved
SMALL (Age 13-21 Years)MEDIUM (Age 21-30 Years)LARGE (Age Above 30 Years)

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Period Hygiene Combo Kit

GynoCup is a silicon-based, period hygiene advanced menstrual cup for a worry-free period. It is leak-proof, economical, and reusable. The menstrual cup collects menstrual fluid inside it, instead of absorbing it, making it a safer method than pads and tampons. Once you overcome the minor learning curve, it is very convenient to use. In fact, you wouldn’t even know it’s there.

Choose Best Menstrual Cup

GynoCup period hygiene is worn internally and collects menstrual fluid inside instead of absorbing it, thereby maintaining the natural vaginal pH levels without drying it out. It maintains your hygiene without giving any rashes or uneasy feelings of wetness. It is a much safer method than pads and tampons and is highly recommended by doctors.

Sleeping Comfortable Menstrual Cup

Why Choose GynoCup

Menstrual Cup Features

Benefits: No menstrual odor, irritation, dryness, discomfort, itching, or rashes (caused by sanitary napkin pads). Covers heaviest to lightest flow.

Spill and Leak-Proof: Made with 100% medical-grade silicone, the cups are highly flexible to fit perfectly and collect blood without spillage. The rim of the cup creates a seal around your vaginal walls ensuring leak-free protection.

Long-Lasting and Economical: Provides up to 10 hours leak proof-protection. With proper care and good cleansing, it is reusable for as long as 10 years.

Suitable For: You can wear Gynocup menstrual cup during all physical activities and even overnight. It is an ideal menstrual aid for all kinds of sports, including traveling, swimming, cycling, diving, trekking, dancing, climbing, or common daily usage. It has no wings or strings and leaves no residual fibers and best period hygiene product.

Menstrual Cup Benefits

Understanding womanhood and her challenges and how to empower the feminine race were from where it had all started to begin! GynoCup is a revolutionary product that straight away belongs to curbing the strenuous days of menstruation and making the lives of each woman healthier and better.

Aim towards the bottom of your spine. The vaginal canal is not vertical or horizontal; it slopes upwards. If you are not familiar with the slope of your canal, try it with a finger to see in what direction you should be inserting. You only need to push the menstrual cup in as far enough so that the knob remains outside the entrance of your vagina.

How To Remove & Wash Menstrual Cup

With GynoCup Wash Liquid, cleaning and managing your menstrual cups becomes even easier. With only 5-6 drops of GynoCup Wash Liquid, you have a bacteria-free and fresh cup that is ready to be used for the next change.

During the menstrual cycle: Wash menstrual cup with hot/cold water; Take menstrual cup wipe with a dry hand; Wash menstrual cup with the menstrual cup Gynowash to get a rich lather; Rinse it well to clean it thoroughly. Beginning and end of the menstrual cycle: Boil the menstrual cup for 5-7 minutes in water to sterilize it.

In emergency/travel: If the sterilization of menstrual cups (20 minutes) is not possible, ensure to clean it thoroughly as per directions before use.

Complete Guide: How to clean menstrual cup click here.

How To Use

Boil Your Menstrual Cup

Boil Menstrual Cup

First, you have to boil your new menstrual cup for 5 To 10 Minutes

Step 2

Choose Perfect Menstrual Cup Folds

Step 3

Insert Menstrual Cup

Wash your hands thoroughly with warm/cold water and Soap. Take any of the following comfortable position:

• Standing
• Squatting

Try to insert your thumb and index finger to reach the knob; Slide upwards and pinch the base of the cup firmly; Squeeze the cup gently and remove it by tilting in sideways to release the air; Empty the contents into the toilet and wash the cup with a menstrual cup wipe provided along with it.

Step 4

Check Proper Insertion


How To Remove Cup

Step 6


-During the menstrual cycle: Wash menstrual cup with hot/cold water

-Take menstrual cup wipe with a dry hand

-Wash menstrual cup with the menstrual cup Gynowash to get a rich lather

-Rinse it well to clean it thoroughly.

-Beginning and end of the menstrual cycle:

-Boil the menstrual cup for 5-7 minutes in water to sterilize it.

-In emergency/travel: If the sterilization of menstrual cups (20 minutes) is not possible, ensure to clean them thoroughly as per directions before use.

Understanding womanhood and her challenges and how to empower the feminine race, was from where it had all started to begin! GynoCup is a revolutionary product that straight away belongs to curbing the strenuous days of menstruation and making the lives of each woman healthier and better.

Aim towards the bottom of your spine. The vaginal canal is not vertical or horizontal; it slopes upwards. If you are not familiar with the slope of your canal, try it with a finger to see in what direction you should be inserting.You only need to push the menstrual cup in as far enough so that the knob remains outside the entrance of your vagina.

Size Guide

Which cup size to choose?

Menstrual Cup Size Guide


A menstrual cup is a replacement of conventional un-hygienic disposable products such as sanitary pads and tampons. These menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone, which is washable and reusable. GynoCup doesn't absorb the menstrual fluid; instead collects it inside, which is more hygienic than sanitary napkins.
You can try any position easy for you to wear the menstrual cup comfortably. Some women find it better to squat, some in the shower. Try to wear it smoothly and as quickly as you can - the more hesitation you have, the more difficult it will be as the menstrual cup will keep opening up too soon. Practice, making familiar, this shall help. Soon you will be doing it in seconds! Aim towards the bottom of your spine. The vaginal canal is not vertical or horizontal, and it slopes upwards. If you are not familiar with the slope of your canal, try it with a finger to see in what direction you should be inserting. You only need to push the menstrual cup in as far enough so that the knob remains outside.
These cups are soft and super flexible so that they can be inserted into the vagina, unlike the pads and tampons, which cover a huge area and are breeding grounds for microbes. The flexible menstrual cup is inserted by folding quite easily and efficiently into the vagina, where due to its design, it gains its shape again. Menstrual cups create a kind of vacuum/seal that does not let any fluid pass out, and it gets collected in the cup. The placement is fairly near the opening, unlike tampons that need placing even higher. To remove the cup, all you need to do is push it down using your pelvic muscles and tug on to the stem to pull it out of your body. Empty and rinse it every time you take it out. You could empty it in the toilet or sink then rinse it with water before you reinsert it. A menstrual cup is very durable because of the material they are made of, they can be used for several months without replacements, and you would never need another sanitary product. These menstrual cups are also environment-friendly while being menstruation friendly.
You should feel the menstrual cup unfold inside as soon as you have pushed it in. Some women find it is better to let the cup unfold when just inserted, and then to push it a little further - this creates a gentle "suction," which ensures no leakage. If you do not feel your cup unfold, you should relax your pelvic muscles, and use a finger to check the sides of the cup. You could also give it a gentle turn to create the seal. Your menstrual cup should not be as far in as you would push a tampon. Your menstrual cup should not be touching your cervix. When properly worn, you should not be able to feel your menstrual cup at all.
SIZE A : For women below or equal to the age of 25 years or not given birth to a child. SIZE B : For women more than the age of 25 to 30 years or have given birth to a child. SIZE C : For women more than age of 30 years or have given birth to a child.
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Take any of the following comfortable position: • Standing • Sitting on the toilet • Squatting Hold the tip of the base firmly by inserting your fingers and sliding them up to the base. Give it a minimal squeeze very gently, and remove it by tilting it a little to release the vacuum seal. Empty it in the toilet or sink and wash it with water before cleaning it with cup cleaner.
It can take you a few tries or even a few menstrual flows to adjust to menstrual cups, just like your first time when you had to adjust to sanitary napkins or tampons. But soon, you will see the wonder of menstrual cups, and become a cup-fan!
During the menstrual cycle Wash menstrual cup with hot/cold water; take menstrual cup wipe with a dry hand; wash menstrual cup with menstrual cup cleaner to get a rich lather: rinse it well to clean it thoroughly.
Boil menstrual cup for (8-10minutes) in water to sterilize it.
If the sterilization of menstrual cup (8-10 minutes) is not possible, ensure to clean it thoroughly as per directions before use.
After your period, wash the menstrual cup, sterilize it, dry it and store it in the cotton bag provided along and not it a plastic bag or an airtight container.
Yes, it is easy to use, but for beginners, as it is something very different than what you have been using until now, it may take some getting used to time. Don’t give up in only one or two attempts. Experiencing some leakage during your first few attempts is natural as it could be because the is not completely unfolded or is not correctly positioned. When inserting if you feel uncomfortable, check it again and readjust it. If you need the stem shorter, you may have to do it yourself. If you have difficulty in removing the menstrual cup, try relaxing your pelvic muscles as they may have been tensed, which could make it difficult for you to remove the cup? If you still cannot remove it, give it a minute and do something else or walk around, then try removing again when you are relaxed. The cup is very comfortable when inserted correctly; you may not even feel it. The silicon material from which it is made of, it heats up along with the body's internal heat and softens even more with time. It may take you 3 or 4 cycles to realize the best position and angle for your body.
The change could be good sometimes; please keep that in mind while contemplating whether or not to get a menstrual cup. Advantage wise it has multiple reasons to switch to a menstrual cup; unlike exhaustible sanitary napkins and tampons, you don't need to restock it. Environmentally it produces absolutely no toxic waste, and unlike sanitary napkins that are outside the body and come in contact with air and may breed microbes, this stays in your vagina and collects the menstrual flow directly from there. In all, it is more hygienic, economical, long-lasting, and environment-friendly.
Technically the duration of unstoppable usage is 12 hours, but practice emptying it every 4-8 hours (depending on flow). Since the placement is not outside but inside the vagina and on the plus point of having no fibers and being completely inert, the toxic shock syndrome is out of the picture. Since it is reusable, you do not have to stockpile like other sanitary products that are a one-time use. It may be a little on the higher end in the beginning, but a long-lasting, reusable product like this pays off on its own in a few month's time. You don’t have to worry about changing as frequently as needed with sanitary napkins and tampons, and can go about your day uninterrupted and easy. No smell, the blood when it comes in contact with outside air, only then it smells. But since in menstrual cups it gets collected inside, you will be relieved of foul smell. No leaks and stains, the seal prevents any leakage, and hence you will not get stains anymore. There have been documented statements of women who have used menstrual cups, saying that they suffered fewer cramps and had shorted periods when using menstrual cups. It is a convenient, comfortable way of living!
1.It is not recommended to use a GynoCup during intercourse. 2.Immediately after giving birth, having a miscarriage, or an abortion. 3.You should not wear GynoCup at any time other than during your period. 4.Consult with your gynecologist if you have or have had a medical concern, before using a menstrual cup. 5.Consult your gynecologist if and when you experience any adverse effects and discontinue usage immediately.
1.It is not a physical contraceptive, and it does not protect against STDs 2.It does not remove one's "virginity." 3.It can be used along IUDs or diaphragms. 4.It is not mandatory to remove the cup at night. 5.No association what so ever with toxic shock syndrome.

31 reviews for GynoCup + Menstrual Cup Wash (100 ML) + Wipes

  1. Naazneen Abeezar Hussain

    The simplistic minimal design and eco-friendly packaging is just the icing on the fabulous product. It took me about two cycles to get a hang of it, but mainly because I spend a lot of time looking up how to put it in and pull out that made it easier for me when actually trying it. Once it's in *right* you don't feel anything and you completely forget about it. Using the cup really taught me about my own body and feels much better to be doing something good for the earth.

  2. Poonam Chopra

    I made the decision to try a menstrual cup for the sake of the environment, but if I'd known how clean, easy to use, comfortable and money-saving they are, I would have bought one so much sooner! Gynocup also have incredibly detailed (yet easy to understand) information on how to use their product, so I would definitely recommend this brand.

  3. Sibi Suresh

    It's been two months and I'm still in an accommodation phase; just because I'm still testing whether I can use the cup for 12 hours. Some things are already certain: I don't even feel it and now I manage to position it quickly & better.

  4. Mary Riba

    In the beginning it was a little bit of a traumatic process but after the first day or two it becomes a piece of cake and changes everything I thought I knew about being on my period. So clean, no more worries about leaking, or being smelled.

  5. Ruli Devi

    I have always felt uncomfortable using every kind of tampon during my period. But, on first use of Menstrual Cup, I felt myself in an other world. You can forget any kind of uncomfortable feeling about your skin and internal tissue. Moreover, my cap let me know how is done my body better then before. It's a matter of progress. Why shouldn’t I use a tool that not only respects the environment but also respects my body and put myself in a more intimate relationship with it? 🙂 It's a great invention, a super deal!

  6. Nisha Shahu

    I tried three other brands before Gynocup and none fit comfortably. It was very difficult getting other cups open/suctioned in the right spot since I have a high cervix. They kept falling out, which is a super weird feeling. I thought cups weren't for me, then I found this website and was motivated to try again. Success! Second try inserting it and perfection. No leaks, couldn't feel it, stayed put for 12 hours. I learned the 7 fold works best for me. I like that Gynocup is a harder silicon than the advertised "soft" ones because it holds it shape better while still being soft on the skin. This makes periods sooo much easier and zero guilt throwing away so many feminine products each period.

  7. Sayana Vijay

    I've been using the cup during 4 periods now. The whole process is really easy, inserting and cleaning it is very straight-forward, too. I will never go back to single-use menstrual products. It is so much better for my body, for the planet, and for my wallet – there really is no downside to switching! If you haven't at least given it a try, please consider doing so. I promise you, it will change your mensuration routine forever.

  8. Shwetha G

    The thing I like the most is that during the difficult days of your period, with the cup you forget about it! You can lead a normal life like you have no period. It's one of the most comfortable things I have ever tried. It takes a few takes to get used to it, but is worth it.

  9. Sakshi

    I got the hang of it after the first period and I am never using pads again!
    Periods have literally never been this easy for me, I even forget that I have it (minus the pains)
    The fact that you save money and the planet at the same time is just amazing!

  10. kavya

    Hi, I bought my first period cup with Gynocup this month. I just finished my first period and honestly it is so worth it. It takes a little bit of getting used to at first, but if you've used tampons before it's not really any different. I was worried I wouldn't get the hang of it or it would be a hassle but so far so good! It has leaked a couple of times (once when asleep, once when exercising) but fine the rest of the week. I think that's just a case of me getting used to how to position it right etc., so definitely don't let that put you off! I change it when I get up and before I go to bed. I also see the environmental benefit right away – already I've saved a whole week's worth of tampons going to landfill! Money saver and planet saver – win win.

  11. Saba P

    It is so amazing product and I am too comfortable with this Gynocup menstrual cup. and this is totally recommended product.


    Gynocup is very easy to use and very comfortable. Menstrual cup is all the things I love about. They’re long-wearing and you don’t really notice you’ve got one in. You can go to the gym and you should wear all light colors pants you’re feeling that day. But it did take some getting used to.

  13. Pooja

    Definitely an improvement from tampons, you don't have to think about changing it, you can go number 1 and 2 without emptying it. You almost forget you have your period.

    I found it easy to try it for the first time in the shower. I heard there was a learning curve but I had no problems right away.
    I would definitely recommend it to anyone over tampons and pads.

  14. Saumya Tiwari

    Had been thinking about trying the GYNOCUP for over a month before I made my purchase and I could not be happier. I always forget to bring extra tampons when I'm out, sometimes forget to change my tampon until it starts leaking. Now I can go the entire day without thinking about the fact that I'm even on my period! No string sticking out when I go to the toilet. No bloated feeling, No smell, Insertion and removal could be uncomfortable but doesn't hurt. I was able to get it right the first try. When I discovered tampons I thought it couldn't get any better than that, but it did!

  15. Sujata Yadav

    I love my Gynocup! I'm a 17 year old girl who's been using pads and only pads for the 5 years since I started my period. I never used tampons because I'm somewhat forgetful and I wasn't comfortable with the risks of infection/TSS. I've been wanting a Gynocup for about a year now, but recently pads have started to irritate my skin so I caved I finally got one! It's perfect. Very comfortable. It's easy to use.

  16. alisha sebastian

    I'm glad I purchased this product it came in a good package and very easy to use ..thank you😇
    One person found this helpful

  17. Eena

    It is sooo amazing. Lil tricky to use in the beginning, however, very comfortable once you’re able to place it rightly. It comes in its own case so you don’t have to worry about hiding a pad or a tampon in your bag or maybe carrying it with people around you. Also, it goes for 10 hours easy to wear. Must try for every women.

  18. Diksha

    I have to say this Gynocup is one of the better option, been using this for
    couple months now.
    It has good suction, i am able to go a whole day without worrying about any accidental leaks, using it is fairly easy once you have a few months of practice.
    Quick cleaning in hot water or Gynocup wash every every menstrual cycle will make sure the cup stays good for a longer period of time.

  19. Shekhar Sain

    I used first time as its seem like better option than pads. I would like to recommend and I want to say its great help to save our planet from pollution.

    Thank you Gynocup for this lovely gift which I got along with package with Hand sensitizer female hygiene products.

  20. vini gupta

    I have been a user of Menstrual for long, initially, I tried with some low-cost products and I really loved the ease that such replacement of pads provides. Later I found that due to sterilizing the cup those low-cost cups didn't work well. Hence I tried with a better one. I bought this Gynocup and found it more comfortable and didn't face such a problem at all. It's worth buying a product for women.

  21. Kajal jangid

    The cup is really soft, big for a medium size though. I appreciate it comes with a cup sanitizer, tissues and a mini bag to hold. I was nervous and it was weird to use at first, took 2-3 days to adjust. It is way too efficient than other counterparts, didn't feel a need to check constantly. If anyone is to go for it, please choose your size correctly.
    I find it affordable given the material quality and other accessories that come along and I am totally satisfied.

  22. Manjari Chawda

    Hello Friends, I am using this gynocup from past 2 month. I have tried several menstrual cups. But girls I tell you that this Gynocup is far more better than the other menstrual cups the cup is made from highly grade silicone and it's really very soft and flexible you can easily use this and it's also very comfortable and very light weight the quality of cup is very good. So I recommend to all of you girls.😊😊

  23. Mekhala Bawsay

    Absolute love the menstrual cup. Easy to use and recyclable. I will recommend it to every girl. Very affordable and user friendly.

  24. Madhu

    I have been researching about menstrual cups for a while. I wanted to try this product for waste elimination and also thought if it could be a good travel companion. However, I was apprehensive about the comfort and didn't want to spend a lot of money in the beginning. I received the product just in time and could use it immediately. It didn't open inside the first time, but I tried another fold and it worked. There was No leakage throughout the cycle and it's absolutely comfortable. Except for when you don't have to empty it, you will completely forget if you are on your period. For a first timer, emptying it was a challenge or rather mess but I guess, eventually that will also get better. While traveling within the country, I wouldn't use it because as it is finding clean public toilets is a big challenge and you can't just infect it while using in the toilets which are not hygienic. I read a few reviews about leakage on the second use, will update if I get to experience that.

    Overall, I definitely recommend this product. It's value for money and definitely worth a try. If it suits you then the comfort it provides is incomparable and it will be a plus to feel proud of yourself for not adding on to the waste in the already polluted environment.

  25. Kajal jangid

    This surely is a great product if awareness is made among the feminine society to use it.
    I too was apprehensive on using it as we live on other products during this time cycle.but when I read how to use it and the benefits it have I thought of trying it and believe me it is a real helpful thing.
    It saved me of the usual looking back and uncomfortable feeling that I liked very much.
    The packaging too was great as the product came in a paper bag, with hand sanitizer to maintain hygiene issues.
    Overall a great product

  26. Vidyanaidu

    Its first time i m going to use this product so don't know how its going to be but packaging and product its awesome

  27. Anuskhka sharma

    I have recently started using this cup and I must say it is extremely helpful. It's hassle free and best for working woman as you don't need to change it in every other hour like pads and nor do you have to worry about the stains. Reusable and comfortable to wear.

  28. Richa Kapoor

    I was a little skeptical about using a menstrual cup for the first time if it would feel alright. But now having used it for over 4 months, i can surely say i made the right decision. I ordered a medium size one since i am married but have not given birth vaginally. Its really easy to use this. Just follow video tutorials on website or any other tutorial on youtube. Just need to fold it a little and put inside vagina where it fits accurately on its own without any hassel. Its quite comfortable, infact doesn't even feel its there after a while. I used to have rashes and wet feeling while using pads, which didn't happen with this.

  29. Yashika Das

    using this first time, but i liked it a lot. We can sleep totally relaxed without any worries of leakage in heavy flow. It is very safe and hygienic one. Also, i dont have to buy lots of pad every month is saved now. Liked it very much. All should try mensuration cups for much comfortable experience than pads.

  30. Priyanka Chaturvedi

    Firstly, i am sort of a person who is very brutal about reviewing products and don't usually like praising products. And this is not any endorsement or anything. Just an honest review that can help fellow women decide easily about menstrual cups. So i have been using this product for over 4 cycles now. And honestly, this product is good in a lot of ways. I ordered an L size as i'am a mother of 2 (vaginal birth). I received the complete kit it in 6-7 days that the menstrual cup along with sanitizers, napkin, user instructions paper and a pouch (as shown in their image). Company claims the product is made of 100% medical grade silicone (i don't know much about that, assuming that would be true). But the touch and feel is really comfortable. About using it: i wasn't too sure initially on how to use it. So i read their user manual as well as watched some videos on youtube. After trying it for 1 or 2 times, it was really simple. Once you insert it properly, it just fits in there and makes you feel just like normal. No itching, no uneasiness, no wetness, no odor. Company suggests we can use it for upto 12 hours, but i used to take it out to wash it with soap and again put it in after 7-9 hours depending on when i get time. Usually once before leaving for work, once after coming home, once before going to sleep. And at no time i felt uncomfortable. Company claims this is leakproof and odorless. In my experience so far, the claim is true and it hasn't leaked even once. Some other benefits i realized- i dont have to go out and buy pads now (it used to be embarassing at times for me). Keeps things hygienic, no direct contact with period blood so no chance of rashes or uneasiness. Additionally, it is eco-friendly in a way since we don't have to dump it like pads. Overall, this is a really wonderful products and i personally would definitely suggest trying this out to all my fellow women.

  31. Deepak

    I orders gynocup first time for my wife and after use it was awesome – as she said. I feel it was a great decision to gift someone special that i care . It's better than pad.

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