Menstrual Cup Wash

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  • Naturally formulated
  • No chemicals
  • Hygienic & safe
  • Natural active ingredients

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Menstrual Cup Wash (100 ML)

GynpCup menstrual cup wash naturally formulated to protect the silicone of your cup and the pH balance of your vagina. It’s 100% Plan-Based and Not tested on animals, because we love them.
Cleansing a menstrual cup with regular hand soap can cause discomfort, irritation, and even infections for some women. Therefore, we recommend cleansing your cup using a mild, pH-balanced, perfume-free Cleanser such as GynoCup wash. On occasions without access to water, we recommend our GynoWipes.

How GynoCup Menstrual Cup Wash Best Then Others

Naturally formulated: Made up of natural ingredients to protect the silicone of your cup and the pH balance of your vagina
No chemicals: No harsh chemicals, no irritants, no parabens, No Sulphate
Hygienic & safe: Cleansing a menstrual cup with regular hand soap can cause discomfort, irritation, and even infections for some women
Natural active ingredients: It contains 100% natural active ingredients that have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Directions for use:

* Dispose of the menstrual fluid inappropriate place.
* Clean the GYNOCUP with normal water from inside and outside.
* Take 5-6 drops of GYNOCUP cleaning liquid. * Rub gently on both the sides
* Wash both inside and outside with
normal water.
* Ready to use again once washed properly.

Product Features:
100% Plan-Based
Safe for Skin
No Paraben
No Sulphate
No Formaldehyde

5 reviews for Menstrual Cup Wash

  1. Riddhi Chadha

    It's a very good product. Way more cheap than sanitary pads. It's a must buy for all girls. It's time to switch to a better option.

  2. Srilatha

    After using the cup. Its very important to clean the product. This one does that very well. Dont just use some soap or some detergent. Its very good to use such product as hygiene is maintained well

  3. Shivangi

    I bought this along with the menstrual cup and I must say it was the right decision! The cleanser is much better than using regular soap.. The smell is nice and not too strong.. .. This is the first time I've used a special soap to clean my menstrual cups and I will never go back!

  4. Shreyee Roy

    A convenient, quick and efficient way to clean a menstrual cup is to use a Menstrual cup wash. I used this GynoCup Menstrual Cup wash for the first time ever and I'm loving this so far. I always empty and clean my cup twice a day and always make sure to take care of my menstrual cup because it is as important as skincare routines. This GynoCup menstrual cup wash is specifically made without parabens and harsh chemicals so that you don't damage the silicone of your cup without harming the sensitive skin. Very easy to use- just take a few drops of the GynoCup Menstrual cup wash and create a lather. Rinse it off in the water and you're done. Cleans the cup perfectly, every-time and smells amazing! I highly recommend to get this ❤

  5. Chithra pradeep

    Has an amazing fragrance which makes you feel your cup is fresh to use again.
    Very easy to carry.
    Few drops of this cup wash is sufficient to lather with some water to clean your menstrual cup before next use.
    I am writing this review after 3 months of use.
    This is my first menstrual cup wash I've ever used.
    I think I don't have to go for any other option because this works really well and does the job.
    I had thought if it may irritate my skin because that is a very sensitive area of a women's body and was slightly confused if it would cause any harm to that area after insertion of the cup.
    But I've never felt any kind of itching or irritation down there.
    But those who have sensitive skin, experienced any sort of infection or any type of fungus down there should better consult a doctor before starting to use a menstrual cup and the cup wash.
    Besides all these, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's searching for a perfect cleanser for a menstrual cup.

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