toilet seat cover
toilet seat cover

GynoCup Disposable Toilet Seat Covers – 20 Units

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  • Pack of Set-20 (Pack of 1)
  • No Direct Contact with Unhygienic & Dirty Toilet Seats
  • Easy to Use
  • Water-Resistant & Hygienic
  • Disposable
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“Say No! Unhygienic & Dirty Toilet Seat
GynoCup Disposable paper-based Toilet Seat Cover is the ultimate solution from Unhygienic & Dirty Toilet Seat.

How To Use?
Take out the Seat Cover
Place it over the toilet seat
Use & Throw it in the dustbin

• Paper Based: It is made up of paper and so is convenient to use, carry and easily dispose off
• Disposable: Can be safely disposed in the bin after use or flushed in a high-pressure flush toilet
• Convenient: Can be used conveniently as it is pocket-sized.
• Light-weight: Comes in a small lightweight packaging that can be easily accommodated anywhere.
• Used anywhere: it is ideal for public toilets, flights, trains or at offices.
• Keeps you safe and hygienic: keep away the infection and also keep you safe”


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