2 Menstrual Cup Pack
2 Menstrual Cup Pack
Small Size Menstrual Cup
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Large Size Menstrual Cup

Buy Any 2 Size Menstrual Cup

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  • Get 2 Menstrual Cup.
  • Get Free 100% Cotton Pouch
  • Soft, comfortable & convenient.
  • Hygienic: Leak-free & Odorless.
  • More time: Wearable up to 12 hours.
  • 100% Medical-grade silicone.
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Reusable Menstrual Cup

GynoCup is a silicon-based, most advanced menstrual cup for a tension-free period. Made up of 100% medical grade Silicone, the cup gives you leak-proof protection for upto 12 hours with the freedom of indulging in sports, travel and other activities. It is soft, comfortable, odorless, economical, easy to use and reusable for upto 5 years.


GynoCup is worn internally and collects menstrual fluid inside instead of absorbing it, thereby maintaining the natural vaginal pH levels without drying it out. It maintains your hygiene without giving any rashes or uneasy feeling of wetness. It is a much safer method than pads and tampons and is highly recommended by doctors.


With GynoCup Wash Liquid, cleaning and managing your menstrual cups becomes even more easy. With only 5-6 drops of GynoCup Wash Liquid, you have a bacteria-free and fresh cup that is ready to be used for the next change.

How to Wear a Menstrual Cup?

Understanding the womanhood and her challenges and how to empower the feminine race, was from where it had all started to begin! GynoCup is a revolutionary product that straight away belongs to curbing the strenuous days of menstruation and making the lives of each woman a healthier and a better one.

Aim towards the bottom of your spine. The vaginal canal is not vertical or horizontal; it slopes upwards. If you are not familiar with the slope of your canal, try it with a finger to see in what direction you should be inserting.You only need to push the menstrual cup in as far enough so that the knob remains outside the entrance of your vagina.

How To Use

How to Wear a Menstrual Cup?

Wash your hands thoroughly with warm/cold water and Soap. Take any of the following comfortable position:

• Standing
• Squatting

Try to insert your thumb and index finger to reach the knob; Slide upwards and pinch the base of the cup firmly; Squeeze the cup gently and remove it by tilting in sideways to release the air; Empty the contents into the toilet and wash the cup with a menstrual cup wipe provided along with it.


Care & Cleaning OF A MENSTRUAL CUP

During the menstrual cycle: Wash menstrual cup with hot/cold water; Take menstrual cup wipe with a dry hand; Wash menstrual cup with the menstrual cup Gynowash to get a rich lather; Rinse it well to clean it thoroughly. Beginning and end of the menstrual cycle: Boil menstrual cup for 5-7 minutes in water to sterilize it.

In emergency/trave: If the sterilization of menstrual cups (20 minutes) is not possible, ensure to clean it thoroughly as per directions before use.


6 reviews for Buy Any 2 Size Menstrual Cup

  1. Sakshi

    This fits really well, everything is just perfect about this product, i recommend every woman to use a Gynocup cup.

  2. Mansi

    Its awesome as i am a working person period is always a problem for me ..i have heavy flow on first 2 days…nd i avoid to going out anywhere on those days..but using this menstrual cup my life has changed now great combo for me….

  3. Gagandeep Kaur

    Recently I have switched from pads to
    MENSTRUAL CUP from gynocup and amazed by the results.
    There are so many benefits of using a cup rather than pads must try….

  4. Deepshikha

    I have used gynocup menstrual cup at the time of my periods instead of sanitary pads.its very easy to use and clean and supersoft

  5. Manali khamkar

    Very light weight and easy to use material is very comfortable and specially leak proof

  6. Kirti

    it’s the best thing I ever invested on.
    Completely worth it. I would highly suggest you all girls go and buy it now. It’s soo good

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