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Questions regarding your order & shipment.

Is my order on GynoCups permitted for edit or cancellation?

Before your order has been dispersed for shipping, you can cancel or edit any point of time. If want to do that, please send an email to our registered email id with order details and the reason for cancellation. If the order has been already shipped for shipping, you need to return the order before you wish to reship again. 

What to do when I haven't received my order on GynoCups?

If your product is not delivered on time, do not worry. The estimated date is generally calculated on weekdays from the day it has been dispersed fro shipping. For more details, talk to us.

How can I track my order on GynoCups?

Any placed order on GynoCups comes with the tracked shipping method, which enables you to track your order. If it’s an untracked shipping method, you will not be able to track your order. For further concerns, visit our contact us page.

Is there worldwide shipping on GynoCups?

Yes, GynoCups do provide worldwide shipping and include countries like Angola, Armenia, Bahrain, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates.

What is the Refund/Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee on GynoCups?

For the women/girls who are using a menstrual cup for the first time, it usually takes up to the completion of 3 menstrual cycles to get adapted to using it. With this, we offer you Satisfaction Guarantee after 90 days of use. This includes you receiving free size exchange or a complete refund of the product, which are exclusive of handling and shipping costs. Fill the Satisfaction Guarantee form with your name, Order number/copy of the receipt, reason of unsatisfactory claim, and send

to our registered email address.

Cup Help & Questions

Questions regarding Cup Help & Questions .

What to do if I face trouble inserting GynoCup?

Using a menstrual cup and inserting it might feel a little awkward at first, but with proper precision and instructions being followed, it should not be extremely troublesome. Try various folds that make it easier for you to push inside the cup and while inserting the cup,use water or any water-based lubricant to make the insertion smooth. Walk a little bit after wearing it to make it more comfortable.

What if I am not able to remove GynoCup properly?

Firstly relax your body and ensure you do not tension your muscles, and in a squat position, remove the cup slowly. It is advisable to do while sitting on a toilet seat while pushing your abdominal muscles downwards and reach the base of the cup. If you still feel uncomfortable in removing it, slide your index finger inside your vagina and clench it out.

Can virgins wear GynoCup?

Yes, virgins can wear GynoCups with no difficulty. Although being a virgin, the insertion can be a bit difficult, but with proper following of instructions, it can be worn comfortably by virgins too. Size 0 can be used in such cases.

What is the duration in which I can wear GynoCups?

GynoCups can hold blood absorption of up to 12 hours. It is advisable not to wear the menstrual cup for more than 12 hours and should consider removing, cleaning, and re-suing the cup after 11-12 hours of blood absorption.

Is GynoCup advisable for heavy menstrual flow?

Yes, GynoCups are designed for all kinds of menstrual flows. If you have a heavy menstrual flow, size2 would be perfect for you with more significant in diameter shape to hold more blood absorptions without any leakage.

Are there any chances of my menstrual blood flowing back into my uterus?

No, it is quite unlikely for something like this to happen even if you are upside down. Since the menstrual blood is thicker in its consistency, it is noway susceptible to slosh around your vaginal area. 

Safety, Hygiene and Care

Questions regarding Safety, Hygiene and Care.

Can GynoCup be worn while having sex?

No, while wearing GynoCups, you are not allowed to have penetrative sexual intercourse and also do not stand out to be a method of contraception. 

Am I allowed to do running, swimming, traveling, yoga, etc. while wearing GynoCup?

Yes absolutely! GynoCups is designed dedicatedly to help you never stop on any activity and keeps you active throughout the day without any fears of leakage or disruption.

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